• 15 July

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Ramatu Bangura

This is Ramatu, 10 Years Old

Ramatu lives in Sierra Leone with her grandmother and two younger sisters.

Ramatu lost her father in 2015 when he contracted the Ebola Virus and sadly passed away shortly after diagnosis unfortunately at this time the virus was widespread throughout Africa and Ramatu’s mother also contracted the Ebola Virus but despite the medical authorities been advised of how ill she was Ramatu’s mother was too ill to withstand the journey and passed away on route to the hospital.

Ramatu’s grandmother, Rabiatu stepped in immediately and took care of the children but without anyone to provide for the family, they were struggling to even afford the basics of living such as food or clothing.

Now, thanks to sponsorship from Orphans in Need, all of this has changed…

Now, thanks to your amazing support Ramatu is receiving help towards school fees, rent, food and clothing. When asked how your support has helped change the quality of the family’s lives Rabiatu said “This helps me to pay for schooling, rent, food and clothing” “May Allah give you more”.

Ramatu and her younger sisters have all received sponsorship and are now able to attend the same school, are healthy, have a good diet and are able to stay living with their grandmother who is never short of affection and love for the children. All the children love to play games together and help their grandmother with household tasks.

Ramatu would love to be a doctor when she finishes her education and Inshallah your support has made this more possible than ever before.