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Volunteering holds many benefits it can help you develop new skills, build confidence, meet new people, create career opportunities and even improve physical fitness!

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Want to Volunteer? You’ve got four options:
Creative Fundraising Concepts

Events - The list is limited only by your imagination. Dinners, fashion shows, concerts, quizzes, guest speakers, garage sales, car boot events, village fetes or street parties; anything from a family affair to hiring a large venue for hundreds of people.

Bucket Collection - Though bucket collection is a straightforward way of getting funds in, you might need formal permits from local authorities, so check out Byelaws or necessary approval if working on private property. Try your local supermarket or sports ground, railway station or shopping centre. Most people understand that the world’s poorest need support. A winning smile and a genuine appeal for support will often do the trick.

Non-Uniform Day - What an opportunity to impress your own school teachers or your children’s school! An opportunity to be an outrageous show-off with a great reason for doing so. Use the opportunity to publicise Orphans In Need and make more people aware of what we do. Dress inappropriately (within reason!) for £1 and watch the coins pour in.

Talent/Fashion show - This is also a great idea for schools, colleges, and universities. Make it a ticketed event and charge a bit extra for refreshments. Display some of our posters and leaflets and offer a short talk about what we do.

Challenges - See our Challenges page for some eye-watering activities or organise your own. From a swim-a-thon to pooh sticks, from time trials and races to long walks and mini-Olympics. Everyone loves a challenge and everyone loves a challenge that helps other people more.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - KK HQ is on our list of special people because they’ll offer you a number of their delicious doughnuts, discounted if you confirm you’re selling them for charity. You’ll need to check with the KK guys which stores can be approached, but it’s a fun way to raise money. But watch the calories, they’re a bit moreish!

Sponsorship Forms - This is where innovative and clever ideas work best. Would a local sports team grow beards for charity, or maybe even go bald? Would a local company have a ‘dress down’ day? Many people love doing daft things for charity and take great delight in doing something with a real purpose. Ask us for our special sponsorship forms and get cracking.

Smartie Tubes - The old ideas are often the best ones. You give your friends, work colleagues, neighbours a tube of Smarties on the condition they pop in a £1 coin then hand it back when full. A Smarties tube will raise a whopping £27. Go on, try it!

Bag Packing - Dressed in our Orphans in Need t-shirts we reckon most supermarkets would offer you a day or two to help pack bags at the checkouts. Get them to mention it regularly as a tannoy announcement and ask customers just to spare a bit of loose change for a good cause. If you shop in a supermarket you’ll appreciate just how essential nutritious food is – for everyone.

Simply Donate - We never underestimate the simple act of giving and asking others to give something as well. A donation of any size is very welcome so make sure to thank people and tell them what we do.

Set up a Stall - This involves scanning your local newspaper or notice boards and spotting events where you could have a fundraising stall. The list is endless and many organisers will give you a free stall for a good cause. It could be a donations stall with our publicity material or you could sell things to make money. Now, where did I put that paper?

Swear Box - Not that we swear of course, but life is often stressful and workplaces are no exception. So while we can’t condone bad language, the occasional donation to a conveniently placed donations box is often a #****##! good idea.

Car Washing - Another old favourite. There are lots of small businesses doing this now, so be sensitive as to where you operate. You’ll need a good supply of warm water, sponges and shampoo so why not start in your street, mosque/church car park or a cafe at lunchtime? This idea is best done in a team to maximize effort and income.

Dress Down Day - Similar to a non-uniform day but in a work environment. Many companies allow this on a Friday so why not tap into this growing tradition and make it work for orphans and widows. Everyone benefits and productivity will probably increase.

Collection Boxes - It’s another simple idea. Find a retail outlet, restaurant, garage reception point or anywhere customers travel through all of the time and seek permission to leave a (secure) box for, say, a month. Visit weekly to collect donations and thank the business owners for the opportunity.

They are all facing unimaginable risks to their safety and the recent escalation has left thousands of widows in its wake. All of whom have difficult decisions to make as they don’t know how to support their orphan children.

and here's another idea...

It’s yours! The one you’ve only just started to think about. The one that’s getting you excited. Will it work? Will it bring in much-needed money? There’s only one way to find out…

Email us at [email protected] for information, literature, resources. The more we can help you; the more you will be able to offer real help to our orphans and widows.

We are extremely grateful for all our contributor’s efforts in fundraising for our orphanage and orphans. Your support enables us to change the lives of those less fortunate and bring hope to an orphaned child in need.

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