• 24 May

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Naim-ud-din Umar

This is Naim-ud-din, 10 Years Old

He lives in Nepal with his mother and four siblings. Four years ago his father had a fatal heart attack, leaving his mother to take care of the family. Without a breadwinner and any wages, the family were unable to afford basics such as food and clothing.

Naim-ud-din’s monther would skip meals to let her children eat, and without healthcare, his sister developed health issues.

Now, thanks to sponsorship from Orphans in Need, all of this has changed…

Naim-ud-din’s family is now receiving constant support. The children’s school fees are now paid for and Naim-ud-din’s grades have really improved.

There is also healthy and nutritional food on the table for the whole family, and Orphans in Need have ensured his sister has been treated for her illness. The whole family is happier and healthier.

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Naim-ud-din Umar Family
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