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Kids 4 Orphans

Pupils across the UK are taking the nation by storm, by raising funds for needy orphan children through our Kids 4 Orphans schools' campaign.
The Gems of Ramadan

Let us strive to improve ourselves as Muslims during this Ramadan by recognising the significance of being humble in our daily lives.

What is Kids 4 Orphans?

Kids 4 Orphans is a nationwide school fundraising campaign in which pupils can get involved from primary school all the way through to secondary school.

After holding an assembly at your school, we will provide each pupil with a special Kids 4 Orphans box that they can take home and collect funds in. After a week of fundraising for orphans, our staff will collect and count the funds and return to the school with a grand prize-giving ceremony.

Get your school involved!

Simply fill out the online form to register your school to take part. Our special “Kids 4 Orphans” team will then get in touch with you and provide you with all the resources you will need for a fun-filled week of fundraising!

How does it work?

1. Once you have registered your school, our Kids 4 Orphans team will be in contact to arrange a presentation assembly with you.

2. Each child will then be given a special Kids 4 Orphans money box which they will use to fundraise for one week.

3. Once each child has completed their individual fundraising, they will return the boxes to the school, ready for a team member from Orphans in Need to come and collect the boxes and total up the funds.

4. We will return to the school once more to deliver a grand prize-giving ceremony, presenting the children with certificates to recognise their hard work, and awarding the highest fundraiser an exclusive prize.

Tools & Resources

Whatever you’re planning, we have everything you need. You can download our information pack for fun-filled fundraising ideas, print our letter that you can send to inform parents about the campaign, and even use a sponsorship form to maximise how much you raise.

When you start fundraising for our orphanage, the sky is the limit on how you can raise funds and we have some fantastic inspiration below to help you get started;

  • Sponsored Silence - kids love to talk so this is a great challenge for those chatterboxes to really test themselves in the name of supporting a good cause.
  • ‘Teacher for a Day’ - kids learn a whole variety of topics, some of which they are very passionate about and divulge into more detail. Ask friends and family for a small fee for the opportunity to learn more about your children’s favourite topics and enjoy the surprise from other adults at the knowledge they are keen to share.
  • Helping hands - get your kids to go around their local neighbourhood (where safe to do so or with an adult) and ask the neighbours if there are any small tasks they can help with. Whether it’s helping to tidy the garage, walking the dog, or simply sharing a cup of tea with an elderly member of the community. They can ask for a small contribution to their fundraising for orphans campaign and feel great about doing something nice for someone local.

Download our Fundraising Pack following the link below for more great ideas for fundraising with your friends and family. We recommend you take a look at them all to ensure you don’t miss out.

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