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Orphans in Need deliver Iftaar & Suhoor food parcels to fourteen countries across Asia and Africa. We currently provide to Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Gambia, India, Kenya, Mali, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia & Sri Lanka.

Each food parcel costs just £30. Thats just £1 a day to feed a family of five for the blessed month of Ramadan.

Delivering hope where it matters

Sara Franziska works out in the field for our Programmes Team. Along with Donations Officer Aasiya Bhamji, she recently visited India to meet some of the widows and orphans we support and take part in distributing over 300 food parcels to elderly widows from rural areas, in Haryana near Delhi.

“Although Haryana has developed a lot in recent years, the truth is that many of the rural areas still suffer from poverty with almost 80% of farmers living below the poverty line.

The food parcel distribution took place outside our orphan village, the parcels having been packed in the days leading up to it with locally sourced produce by Orphans in Need staff and volunteers. Widows are alerted to the distribution via our partners in the area and given an ID card and number prior to distribution.

At 10am, with the sun rising and the day heating up, approximately 300 widows formed an orderly queue to await their food parcel. Many of them would share the cost of using a motorised rickshaw to transport their parcels back to their villages, others made the journey by bicycle.

The widows were truly grateful for the food parcels, many of them placing their hands on our heads as a blessing. They expressed their gratitude to Orphans in Need and our many donors for making the distribution possible.”

Sara Franziska – Programmes Manager