• 17 April

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Sponsor an orphan child in Gaza

We are pleased to inform you that we have resumed our orphan sponsorship programme in Gaza. There are orphaned children awaiting sponsorship right now, eager for the support and care you can provide.

For only £360 per year or £30 per month, your donation will spread hope to an orphan child in Gaza, so they can face a brighter future. Be the one to uplift a desperate orphan forward into a future of dignity, independence and opportunity.


Donate £360 yearly to sponsor an orphan in Gaza


Donate £30 per month to sponsor an orphan in Gaza


There are so many more children around the world who need our help, and that’s why we’re asking for your support. We support over 40,000 orphan children in 13 countries, including India, Kashmir, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Palestine (Gaza), Gambia, Kenya, Mali, Somalia, Sierra Leone and Senegal.

For £30 a month – that’s just £1 a day - you can provide priceless support to our Orphan Sponsorship Programme.

We would love to be able to help every child that needs it, but we have to prioritise children based on their current circumstances. Younger children, those with little to no familial support, those with medical care requirements and those without shelter take precedence.

We look at the level of poverty and risk of danger as a key deciding factor. We do not prioritise a certain gender; we base our decision on the level of urgency.

We support orphan children long-term. Our aim is to give each child a good education that will open up access to job opportunities, with the end goal being that the child grows up to become self-sufficient and capable of supporting themselves. We will not end sponsorship and care until we are certain that the orphan is stable and no longer requires our help.
Sponsorship can be ended early if circumstances change. Sometimes, a relative of the orphan may come forward and offer to take guardianship. If we feel like the orphan will have good access to decent shelter, education food, clothes and – most importantly – emotional care and love, we will end the sponsorship.

Alternatively, orphans can be adopted. In this case, we carefully and extensively assess their potential new home and parents to ensure their key needs are met before we end the sponsorship.

We currently work with orphans in 13 countries: Somalia, Gambia, Kenya, Nepal, Mali, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Palestine (Gaza), Pakistan, India and Kashmir, Sierra Leone and Senegal.

We have extensive teams in all of these locations which make it possible for you to sponsor a child from the UK and make a difference around the globe.

We operate one of the best child sponsorship programs because our focus is always on the children. We provide support to those who so desperately need it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our 10+ years of experience has seen so many positive results from the orphans we’ve been able to help. Our dedicated team take on parental roles and give constant and full attention to the children in our care. Our teams in the UK and our ELD countries work together to deliver the best and most comprehensive care.

We operate solely to help orphans and so do not run other aid programmes or emergency responses. This allows us to focus all our attention on the children who need us and give them all the resources we can to help them prosper.

Sponsor an Orphan in Gaza

There are orphaned children awaiting sponsorship in Gaza right now, eager for the support and care you can provide.

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