• 15 July

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Noor Hassan

This is Noor, 9 Years Old

Noor Hassan is nine years old and resides in Jharkhand, India. He lives with his mum, brother and sister. He was two years old when his father died from an illness.

This left the family in a difficult situation and the burden of running the household fell onto his mother, who was dependent on her husband for the welfare of the family.

Noor’s mother Hajra, works as a casual labourer, however, her earnings were not sufficient enough to look after the whole family. Now, due to the funds received through the sponsorship program, she is able to make sure her son’s needs are fulfilled. The sponsorship funds are vital to the family to ensure that Noor can go to school, get books, stationery and clothes. It also helps to cover some of the family expenses.

Now, thanks to sponsorship from Orphans in Need, all of this has changed…

Noor is in good health and doing well at madrassa. His attendance is regular and in his last examination, he achieved 77%. Noor enjoys playing cricket and aspires to be a Molvi (a teacher in Islamic studies) in the future. We truly believe that with the support he is receiving, he will achieve his dreams.

The family are very thankful to their sponsor for supporting them and allowing Noor to go to school. We look forward to watching Noor progress both in himself and at school!