• 15 July

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Sponsorship Gave Misbah A New Heart

Newborn baby Misbah was just 15 days old when she lost consciousness and was diagnosed with a deadly heart condition. She needed heart surgery, but her parents could not afford it.

Mariam’s father also had a chronic heart condition but could not afford treatment. When Misbah was just a toddler, he had a heart attack and slipped into a coma. After a long 11 months of being comatose, his heart stopped, and he passed away.

Misbah was now orphaned, and her mother struggled to pay rent, feed her and buy medicine. Misbah shares how hard it was to grow up with an untreated heart problem, saying, “I struggled to walk. I had chest pains and couldn’t breathe. I felt so suffocated I thought I was going to die.”

Now, thanks to sponsorship from Orphans in Need, all of this has changed…

When she was 14 years old, Orphans in Need heard about her hardship and urgently arranged for orphan sponsorship and emergency heart surgery. The procedure was successful, Alhamdulillah, and now Misbah is healthy. She receives regular food parcels, goes to school, and can walk, study, play and laugh.

Mariam’s mother thanked her donor, saying, “This is a mother’s dua. You gave my daughter a new life, and I’m so happy. May Allah (swt) bless you with a long life.” Sponsorship saved Misbah's life. Thank you.