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Food Parcels: Lifeline for Families After Loss of Breadwinner

No mother wants to see her children go hungry. Our food parcel donations ensure widows and orphans worldwide can receive necessary support when they have nowhere else to turn to.

Without sufficient resources, many widows find themselves in a desperate situation. On top of the untold grief, they face the challenge of providing for their young children. The widowed mothers also suffer from cultural barriers that hamper their ability to move towards any kind of financial independence. In disadvantaged areas, many widows and orphans depend on external support for basic necessities vital to their survival. In these difficult circumstances, it is important to help them with the essentials of life. You can support charitable organisations with your donations to continue providing assistance to families in need.

Where Full Plates Lead to Fuller Hearts.

Fulfilling more than empty stomachs, with every meal, you fill hearts with hope, love, and joy. Join us in the journey of nourishing lives, one plate at a time by donating to these orphan kids.

How to Help Widows and Orphans

Helping orphans and widows is easier than you think. You can donate any amount as a one-off payment to help the widow orphan cause. There is also an option to donate on a monthly basis. 

For just £35 a month, you can donate towards a food parcel that allows us to feed a needy family of five for the whole month. £35 is one-third of the average weekly shopping bill in developed countries, but it can make a huge difference for needy families.

Our food parcels can feed an average widowed family of up to five people. It includes staples such as clean water, wheat flour, cooking oil, rice, lentils, salt, sugar and much more. We often take clean water and food for granted, but widows and orphans are so grateful and appreciative of this vital gift.

Our dedicated and compassionate teams are working to provide nutritious food parcels to help widows and orphans who have been affected by poverty across 14 countries across the world. Many families rely on the charities to feed their children every month. In response to that, we aim to reach as many needy individuals as we can.


orphans are supported

each year across 14 different countries

10 Million

Meals delivered

last year worldwide


Families were fed

Nutritious meals in Asia, Africa and the Middle East

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, every food parcel we provided to families contained necessary hygiene kits to keep the target families safe. We will continue to do so by providing the sanitation essentials to avoid the spread of infection and disease. You can support our valuable work by contributing towards food parcels.

Help orphans and widows in need today

£35 provides one food parcel to feed a family of five for a whole month


£70 provides food parcels to feed TWO families of five for a whole month


£420 will feed a widow and her family for a year


£1000 feeds an Orphanage for one month


Hadith on Widows and Orphans

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) emphasised the importance of caring for the orphans. He said in a hadith: 

“I and the one who sponsors an orphan will be in Paradise like these two – and he gestured with his forefinger and middle finger, holding them apart.” [Bukhari, 5304] 

According to another report:

“The best household among the Muslims is a household wherein an orphan is treated well. And the worst household among the Muslims is a household wherein an orphan is ill-treated” [Ibn Majah]

Giving to widows and orphans has never been easier. You can donate online to provide essential survival support for people in need. Choose a food parcel package to feed the widows and orphans or contribute towards orphan sponsorship. Every donation goes a long way towards bringing a lasting change. 

Please donate generously to fight world hunger. Together, we can save lives. 

Widow & Orphan Food Parcels

No mother wants to see her children go hungry. Our food parcel donations ensure widows and orphans worldwide can receive support

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