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Why is Zakat Important to Orphans?

Read about why Zakat is important to orphans

Orphans are among the most vulnerable members of society, often with nowhere to call home, no one to nurture and protect them, and without the necessities they need to survive day to day. Orphaned children rely on the kindness and generosity of others to get them through.

It cannot be understated just how vital your contributions are and the difference they can make, but with Ramadan around the corner and many Muslims starting to think about making their Zakat donations, we’ve highlighted below just how important your contribution is to an orphaned child.

Zakat Basics 

Before we explore Zakat for orphans and why it’s so vital, it’s important to first understand the basics of Zakat.

Why is Giving Zakat Important? 

Islam is founded on five core principles known as the pillars of Islam, the third of which is Alms (Zakat). This means giving Zakat is a religious due that must be paid by all qualifying Muslims. Allah (SWT) made this compulsory so that every Muslim understands what is most important in life: supporting people in need and demonstrating great humility to our fellow humans.

The Qur’an teaches us that money and possessions are not important, but should one be blessed with those things, you should return Allah’s (SWT) generosity and help those who need it so that they are safe, secure, and able to survive without struggling for basic supplies. When you pay Zakat, you are abiding by the core teachings of Allah (SWT) and following in the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), making you a good Muslim and a kind-hearted human being.

One way the Muslim community can do this is by giving their Zakat to an orphan-specific cause, such as the Orphans in Need Orphan Sponsorship and Global Orphan Care appeals.

We work with vulnerable children around the world in some of the most deprived areas, so we routinely see first-hand the huge impact that your donations can have. Whether it’s a little or a lot, you can make a quantifiable difference to a child’s life, but one of the ways you can have a bigger impact is by donating your Zakat to an orphan cause.

Who is Entitled to Receive Zakat?

There are rules surrounding who can receive Zakat due to the intent behind it and why Allah (SWT) made it obligatory, and this can mean some people get confused about what causes are permissible for Zakat. You can read more about the Zakat rules here, but in short, if you were wondering ‘does sponsoring an orphan count as Zakat?’, the answer is yes. This is because orphans are often living in poverty and don’t have access to basic supplies – meaning they meet the first two criteria for Zakat eligibility.

What Difference Does Zakat for Orphan Sponsorship Make? 

Now we’re clear on the basics of Zakat and why orphans are eligible to receive it as per Allah’s (SWT) guidance, let’s look at why your donations are crucial for these children.

Secure Accommodation 

One of the biggest threats facing orphaned children is poverty and the associated effects of it. Double orphans often lose their homes along with their parents and have nowhere else to go, meaning the streets are the only option for them. Single orphans don’t tend to fare much better, particularly those who have lost their fathers and therefore their sole source of income.

Without any income, a sheet of tarpaulin is all the shelter many can muster, and sometimes not even that is accessible. This leaves children exposed to the cruelties of the streets and all that comes with it. Your Zakat donation can give these children four brick walls to live and sleep within; something everyone deserves and needs.

Protection from Exploitation 

Orphaned children are targets for gangs and criminals who violently and sexually abuse them. There’s a very real risk of orphans being trafficked or forced to work. Robbed of their futures, they are left vulnerable and exposed to abuse and exploitation that largely slips under the radar. With your Zakat donations, we can get these children off the streets and away from criminals who mean them harm, ensuring they are not abused or exploited.

Better Health 

Due to poor living conditions, orphans often experience severe health issues. Every two seconds, an orphan dies as a result of malnutrition. This comes from immense food insecurity, with many children have to scavenge, beg, and steal meals. Paired with the mental health issues that orphans often experience due to ongoing hardship and turmoil, most don’t live past their 30th birthday.

Using your donations, we can give orphaned children nutritious meals to promote healthy growth and development, and we can provide a nurturing home where they will receive the emotional support they need to flourish. With added health checks and medical care, you can help an orphan live a long, full life.

Pay Zakat Online to Orphans in Need 

If you haven’t paid your Zakat yet and are due to, please consider making an Orphans in Need Zakat donation. We are a registered Zakat charity which means as per the Qur’an it is permissible to give us your Zakat so that we can help children in need.

Use our UK Zakat calculator to determine how much you owe and make a much-needed donation today. Doing so could literally save a child’s life.

What is Lillah?

Lillah directly translates to “for Allah”, meaning that Lillah is any mode of voluntary charity given in the name of Allah. Lillah isn’t typically given to a person, but rather an institution such as a Mosque, hospital, or orphanage. Lillah donations are primarily used to contribute to the betterment of others, regardless of their religion.

What Can Lillah Money be Used For?

As previously mentioned, Lillah money is used to improve the lives of others via the funding of an institution. For instance, a charitable organisation may collect Lillah for the running expenses of madrassahs, the construction of Masjid, or the building of wells. This is because such acts are set to please Allah (SWT) since they contribute to the wellbeing of those in need and come from a place of goodwill.

Benefits of Giving Lillah

Like Sadaqah, Lillah is a form of charity, which is one of the main priorities within the Islamic faith. These acts of charity ensure that those in need are receiving the necessary help to elevate them from dire circumstances. At the same time, the distributors of this charitable aid are able to reap the benefits of displaying selfless acts of kindness from both a moral and religious perspective.

How Much Lillah to Give

Like Sadaqah, there is no set amount when it comes to donating Lillah. It’s still considered a voluntary contribution, meaning you’re able to contribute anything you can manage.

Fulfil Your Obligation to Charity with Orphans in Need

As a Muslim, it’s your duty to give what you can to charity, for compulsory and voluntary causes alike. If you’re in a privileged position, you must make it your mission to share your wealth and elevate those in need from trying times. Donate to Orphans in Need today.