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What is an Orphan?

In disadvantaged areas, a child could be placed in an orphanage after the death of their father. In some instances, their widowed mothers do not have the means to support them and spend on their basic needs. The widows put their children in an orphanage in such cases, hoping the orphanage would feed, clothe, and educate their children. However, many orphanages are either too crowded or lack sufficient supplies and resources to fulfil the needs of a large number of orphans.

Save an Orphan

In these circumstances, we can join hands to save the orphans. Together, we can build a better future for these children and a way out of poverty. Our team is working hard to help the most vulnerable children in 14 countries around the world. Donate generously to one of the orphan support initiatives launched by Orphans in Need. With your support, our team will provide a vulnerable child with the basic necessities of life.

How Many Orphans Are in the World?

There are around 153 million orphan children globally, according to an estimate by UNICEF. Most of these orphaned children are also exposed to different forms of exploitation and depend on our donations for their safety and existence.

How Many Orphanages Are in the World?

In view of the above figures, a large number of orphaned children depend on orphan homes in the absence of financially capable family members. According to some reports, almost 8 million children live in orphanages around the world, but not all of them are orphans.

How You Can Change Their Lives

Our Global Orphan Care Programme exists to support thousands of orphans on a global scale, giving aid to orphan homes that are already established but lack the support they need to care for the orphans they house. By giving aid to the orphan homes we work with, we can support more children and make a greater impact on their lives.

The scope of Global Orphan Care goes beyond giving aid to orphan homes. It includes rescuing orphaned children who are sleeping in the streets and supporting unsponsored children and widowed families by providing them with life-saving food, medical care and much more. The figures below highlight the work of orphans in need of aid worldwide.

40,000 orphans are supported each year across 14 different countries.

12 million meals were delivered last year worldwide.

800,000 families were fed nutritious meals in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Orphan Rescue Kit

An Orphan Rescue Kit takes a child off the streets. They are then registered with the local authorities and given a medical checkup and treatment if needed. They are given new clothes, shoes, and counselling treatment to help them overcome any trauma they have been through.

It is the beginning of a better life for them, and our team continues to support them throughout their time in the orphan home. You can play your part by contributing to supporting our work.

A simple donation to Global Orphan Care can achieve the following:

£45 can contribute towards clothing, medical care, education, safe drinking water, and more.


£150 can provide an orphan rescue kit.


How Else Can You Support Our Orphans?

You can participate in the Orphan Sponsorship Programme run by Orphans in Need. Monthly donations start from £30 a month. You can also donate to our Widow and Orphan Food Parcel Programme or the Orphan Village Appeal. Your donations enable us to offer a brighter future to the vulnerable members of society that are commonly left behind.

Without your contributions, we wouldn’t be able to help as many orphans and children in need as we do. Save an orphan charity by continuing to support the vital work of Orphans in Need.

Donate today to bring the change our orphan children need for a better future. 

Global Orphan Care

All children, particularly orphans, need a safe place to grow. Caring for orphans and nurturing them with the basics like food, clean clothes, and access to education increases the likelihood of them breaking the cycle of poverty and bringing change to impoverished communities.

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