• 15 July

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Longlake Challenge Report

Longlake Challenge | Windermere | 27th August 2016

Twelve of our fabulous supporters took the Longlake Challenge on a warm August day, up in the glorious Lake District, ably assisted by our Orphans in Need representatives Saadia and Ikhlaq.

Our group of intrepid adventurers travelled up from London by coach at half past midnight, reaching Cumbria and the scenic waters of Windermere at 7am, arriving at the Windermere Outdoor Adventure Centre.

From the fact file: Windermere is England’s longest lake at 10.2 miles. 

After a hearty breakfast and a change of clothes, kayaking heroes sailed onto the water at 8am. First few hours spent honing their kayaking technique before stopping for a Lake District lunch of soup, sandwiches and the obligatory homemade flapjack.

Back on the water after a feed and it was across the lake they paddled, stopping off at a few of the islands.

From the fact file: The islands of Windermere helped inspire Arthur Ransome’s classic novel “Swallows and Amazons”.

After a couple more hours of intense paddle activity it was back onto dry land with the kayaks safely nestled for the night, before heading back to the big city lights of London, arriving back at midnight.

What a day!

Thank you to everybody who took part in this special challenge. A total of £5,000 was raised, which will provide our orphan children around the world with the necessities for a better life.