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London – British NGO Orphans in Need this week welcomed a generous donation made by the inmates of HMP Wandsworth. The cheque for £1027 was delivered by Prison Chaplain Imam Mohammed Yusuf Ahmed to the Orphans in Need HQ in London. Imam Mohammed commented: “During the festival of Eid-ul-Adha, a time where Muslims are reminded of the sacrifice of the Prophet Abraham, many of the inmates pooled together money to benefit those who are much less well off than them. Some gave all of the money that they had.”

The inmates were inspired to donate to the cause following a sermon delivered by Imam Mohammed on the plight of orphans and widows. Islam underlines that these needy groups are the responsibility of the community who are obliged to come together to help them.

On receiving the cheque, CEO of Orphans in Need, Tufail Hussain, expressed his thanks on behalf of the Charity: “It truly is humbling to receive this gift for our orphans. We will deliver this vital support by hand in the form of food parcels to Syrian refugees.”

Orphans in Need confirmed that food parcels will be delivered to needy orphan and widow families affected by the ongoing conflict in Syria, where millions of refugees live in abject poverty, with the onset of another harsh winter the situation is set to get even worse. Each parcel contains vital items such as rice, flour, oil, lentils, pulses, spices, soap and sanitation products; they provide for an average family of five for an entire month.

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