• 24 May

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Achievements of 2016

We’re all looking forward to having a blessed 2017. We’ll all say goodbye to 2016 in our own ways and welcome the New Year with our family and friends amongst celebrations. We’ve all had a varied 2016, some for good reasons some for others but what we can all take pride in the amazing things we achieved together this year.

To show you the great work you have helped make possible we want to share with you a film showing how your donations have made a difference across the world in 2016.

However you’re feeling about 2016 just remember that thanks to your incredible support we’ve made a difference to the lives of thousands of needy orphans around the world, because of you their 2016 was made a little better and remembering this as we start 2017 gives us a real reason to celebrate.

Thank you for all the support you’ve provided in 2016 and here’s to a 2017, where together we’ll do more than ever to put smiles on the faces of innocent children around the world.