• 24 May

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Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem to all our donators, supporters, and volunteers! We wish you all a blessed and prosperous Ramadan this year!

Help change an orphan’s life this Ramadan 2024 by donating your Zakat, Lillah, Fitrana, or Sadaqah to Orphans in Need.

Secure Your Place in Jannah this Ramadan

Here at Orphans in Need, we hope that Ramadan is generous to you and you’re able to seek forgiveness from Allah (SWT), earn immense rewards, and ultimately build your home in Jannah. There, you’ll be blessed with the company of Allah (SWT), the Prophets (may peace be upon them), and the angels.

You never know which Ramadan is your last, which is why it’s crucial to do your best every Ramadan. Year after year, you should work to alleviate the hardship of widows and orphans on a global scale.

The Power of Your Efforts

Your donations to our appeals during last year’s Ramadan kept hope alive for as many as 200,000 widows and orphans globally. Thanks to you, we were able to distribute aid across 13 countries, provide 12 million meals, and ultimately save lives. For this, we wish you “Ramadan Kareem” for the coming Ramadan.

Keep the Mission Alive this Ramadan

Save an Orphan 

For as little as £150, you can rescue a helpless child from the streets, providing them with a secure home, warm clothes, and nutritious food. Their life starts with you.


Sponsor an Orphan

Reap the rewards of Ramadan by sponsoring an orphaned child for an annual cost of £360. This yearly donation will go towards shelter, food, medical care, support, and more.


Sponsor a Widowed Family

With £750, you can sponsor a widowed family, ensuring they have access to food, sanitation products, essential medicines, and education for an entire year.


Sponsor Five Orphans for a Year

£1800 is all it takes to sponsor five orphaned children for a year.


Sponsor 10 Orphans for a Year

£3600 is all it takes to sponsor 10 orphaned children for a year.


Build a Home for a Widow

A donation of £5000 can be used to build a home for a widowed family, allowing defenceless widows to create better lives for themselves and their children. Each home built will contain a kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and bedrooms for each family member, as well as blankets, bedding, and cushions for comfort.


Make this the best Ramadan yet with Orphans in Need.