• 17 April

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Helping Orphans with Life Skills

Childhood is the time in which we undergo the most development, meaning that a nurturing environment is more important than ever during this stage.

Despite this, 153 million orphans worldwide don’t have access to a family unit to teach them the life skills that every child should know. As a result, millions of children across the globe lack confidence and the ability to interact with others, which leads to isolated adults.

We’re dedicated to helping orphans so that their development isn’t stunted by a challenging upbringing. Read on to find out more about how Orphans in Need is helping orphans with life skills and what you can do to contribute.

Our Orphan Sponsorship Appeal

The first of our orphan appeals is our orphan sponsorship programme which is designed to protect vulnerable children from exploitation, abuse, and neglect. We aim to provide them with suitable shelter, emotional support, and a solid education so that they’re enabled to build a better life. Although all children are vulnerable, orphans are especially so because they don’t have a family or stable home to protect them from the dangers of the outside world.

Accessible shelter, food, healthcare, education, protection and emotional support are basic human rights, yet so many children without parents go without it. No innocent child should have to suffer this dreaded fate which is why we ask you to sponsor an orphan so that we can provide them with the life skills they need to progress in their life.

Global Orphan Care

Next is our Global Orphan Care Appeal in which we aim to provide orphaned children with a safe place to grow. Not only do we strive to deliver food and clean clothes, but we make it our mission to nurture and support them whilst giving them access to education. Consequently, these children will go on to become positive community members, allowing us to shift their narrative from a state of vulnerability to independence. It’s our goal to equip these children with long-term provisions rather than temporary aid, allowing them to gain the life skills they need to prosper.

Many children are left in orphanages by their widowed mothers, either because they can’t afford to take care of them or they’re not well enough to do so. As a result, orphanages are often crowded, meaning they’re not equipped to nurture every child in their care. Our programme works to fund these institutions so that orphaned children are presented with a world of opportunity. Donate to our appeal today to make this possible.

Our Orphan Village

Our final orphan appeal is our Orphan Village Support which is a safe and stable environment for orphans and widows alike. Our Orphan Village opened in 2015 in Delhi and is currently home to around 300 orphans, as well as 40 widowed women. Without this village, these orphans would be living on the streets without any compassion, joy, or care.

Here, we’re committed to the future of these orphans as we provide education, medicine, and psychological support when required. As well as standard education such as maths and literacy, we teach the children about communication and self-presentation, allowing them to escape the vicious cycle of poverty. Similarly, we provide them with a nutritious diet that is perfectly catered to growth, development, learning, and playing. You can help make this vital work possible by supporting our Orphan Village.

Volunteering Options

If you’re someone who prefers a more hands-on approach, you may be wondering how volunteering helps. Well, volunteering helps support our orphanage and brings hope to orphans in the most impoverished countries across the globe. This selfless support enables us to distribute resources worldwide, as well as dedicate time to educate and nurture children in need. Whether it’s the delivery of food, medical care, clothing, or education, your volunteering makes this all possible.

On top of these benefits, volunteering creates career opportunities, builds confidence, and develops new skills for volunteers and orphans alike! You can make an impact on an orphan’s journey through life by volunteering today.

Kids 4 Orphans

Many children across the globe couldn’t begin to imagine what it’s like to live without their parents. These children are often fortunate enough to be given every provision in life to succeed. Whether this is somewhere comfortable to lay their head, three nutritious meals a day, advanced healthcare, proper education, or immense levels of love or support, it’s something that’s often taken for granted. This is because each of these should be a given, but that’s unfortunately not the case for millions of children around the world. In order to combat this sad fate, we established Kids 4 Orphans.

Kids 4 Orphans is a nationwide school fundraising campaign that allows children to acknowledge their privileges and address the fact that other children aren’t so lucky. These school fundraising projects allow us to collect funds that are imperative to aiding children in their development, allowing them to establish a better life for themselves. Get involved with Kids 4 Orphans here.

Help Orphans with Life Skills with Orphans in Need

Here at Orphans in Need, we pride ourselves on providing long-term support for orphaned children, as well as the temporary provisions they need to survive. We know that a child can’t flourish on living essentials alone, which is why we place so much emphasis on helping children develop life skills so they can build a future for themselves. Poverty is a vicious cycle and we’re dedicated to stopping it in its tracks before it’s too late. You can help an orphaned child thrive by making your donation today.