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• 22 February

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The starving are now dying.

The price of food and basic medicine continues to increase every year, and it is now considered a luxury. In impoverished countries, the starving are now dying. Education is a distant dream, and something that is not even thought about.

Orphans and widows who are already struggling have no hope of feeding themselves, buying medicine, or going to school to climb out of poverty.

Now more than ever, your help will save their lives. They have nobody else.


Sponsor a widowed mother and her orphaned children. Provide food, medical care and help with school fees.


Sponsor a widowed mother and her orphaned children. Provide food, medical care and help with school fees.

Widow Family Sponsorship

Our Widow Family Sponsorship Programme of £750 will sponsor a widowed family and ensure that we are able to feed them for a whole year, provide sanitation products, essential medicine when necessary, and support in paying regular school fees.

Food parcels provide nutritious food staples such as rice, flour, lentils, pulses, vegetables, oil, spices, tea, sugar, and more. In addition, we make sure that all the produce is sourced locally with a focus on nutritional benefit and longevity.

We work in 14 countries worldwide. Namely Bangladesh, The Gambia, India, Jammu & Kashmir, Kenya, Mali, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine (Gaza), Senegal, Sirrea Leone, Somalia and Sri Lanka. We focus on long-term goals and sustainability in order to lift widowed families out of the cycle of poverty.

Your donation will be used to help the most vulnerable widowed families in impoverished communities like widowed mother Sughra Bibi who lost her daughter, two sons, and husband. Learn more about her story below.

Sughra's Story | A Widow's Hope

Sughra lost her three children and her husband. Widows like Sughra are hoping for a miracle.

“I lost my daughter, two sons and my husband.”

Sughra Bibi’s happy life took a tragic turn when her 16-year-old daughter’s appendix burst, and she lost her. Shortly after the death of her daughter Amina, Sughra’s youngest son Daniyal was diagnosed with kidney disease at the age of 11.

Orphans in Need sponsored him, and he received dialysis treatment. Sadly, after one year, the treatment failed. His mouth and nose started bleeding, and he passed away. Sughra’s heart shattered once again.

Seven months after Daniyal’s death, Sughra’s husband had a heart attack, and she was widowed. Sughra and her orphaned children were dealing with profound grief and poverty, only surviving with the help of occasional handouts.

We arranged sponsorship for her 14-year-old son Afzal when he suddenly passed away last year. Sughra tells us, “His kidneys failed. Orphans in Need made sure he received dialysis treatment, but after ten months he passed away on the way to the hospital.”

Sughra was left all alone with her young daughter, 11-year-old Iqra. Sughra tells us, “My younger daughter and I live alone, and someone can easily hurt us. We feel unsafe and have no support system.”

Please help save widowed families around the world

Widowed families like Sughra Bibi and her orphaned children need Widow Family Sponsorship.

There are 258 million widows around the world. Many lack education and training and cannot support themselves. Physical violence and abuse against widowed families is commonplace and many orphaned children in widowed families are stuck in a cycle of endless suffering, starvation and extreme poverty.

You can be the one to change their lives.

Widow Family Sponsorship

Rising food prices: they urgently need your help.

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