• 15 July

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Orphans in Need carries out essential charity work in Pakistan, helping those most vulnerable and in need of support to access critical aid.

There are a number of driving factors behind the need for our Pakistan charity work, including the country’s predisposition to natural disasters, as well as high levels of poverty and the second-highest number of refugees in the world.

It’s thought that some 24 million people are in need of assistance, the majority of whom are women and children, although the actual figure could be higher due to undocumented refugees living across Pakistan. The majority of refugees are from neighbouring Afghanistan, with Pakistan hosting the second-highest number of refugees in the world, with 1.4 million registered and countless others undocumented.

Children in Pakistan face risks from every direction, with some 3.3 million forced into child labour and denied access to education. This is exasperated by only 34% of children being registered at birth, meaning many have no accurate record of their age, leaving them exposed to exploitation by adults.

Females in Pakistan are at a high risk of gender-based violence and forced marriage. It’s thought that a quarter of women are forced to marry before the age of 15, with many experiencing domestic abuse or violence if they refuse. Without a registered birth, there is no protection to prevent child marriage.

Pakistan has the second-highest number of children out of school in the world. It’s thought that as many as 22.8 million 5-16-year-olds are not enrolled in any form of education, limiting their chances to escape the poverty cycle.

Natural disasters such as floods, monsoons and droughts plague Pakistan, ruining crops and creating food scarcity throughout communities across the country. Paired with a lack of education resulting in low-paying work, food insecurity is a prevalent issue in Pakistan. Almost 10 million children do not receive the food and nutrition they need and are therefore stunted.

Another issue facing children in Pakistan is poor sanitation which leads to the spread of deadly, yet preventable, diseases. The country has made great steps in increasing sanitation, but approximately 25 million Pakistani’s still openly defecate, affecting water supplies which leads to 70% of the population consuming contaminated water.

Some 53,000 children die every year from diarrhoea, with a further 91,000 dying from pneumonia. A further percentage die from diseases that could be prevented through childhood vaccinations, such as polio.

Our Charity Work in Pakistan

Many parents are unable to protect their children from the threats facing them, and many more cannot provide the stability or the essential supplies their children need. Orphans in Need works across Pakistan to help orphanages that are overrun with vulnerable children, but by also improving communities through education programmes, sanitation, food provisions and healthcare.

Our aim is to help the children who need us the most, but also to help broader communities to eradicate the cycle of poverty. We can only do so with your help.

Please donate to Orphans in Need and help children in Pakistan achieve their best in a safe and stable environment.