• 24 May

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How Orphans in Need Has Been Helping Orphans During the Pandemic

Orphans in Need provides life-changing assistance to vulnerable children around the world, with our teams of volunteers distributing food, water and medical attention to those most in need. We work tirelessly across 14 countries to assist deprived children who have lost one or both of their parents, but the Covid-19 pandemic has seen an increased number of children in need of our help.

With your kind donations to our orphan sponsorship appeals, we have been able to help upwards of 30,000 children during the pandemic, but we still need your support so we can continue to aid vulnerable children in need.

Countries We Work With

Over the course of the last year, our teams have helped orphans in countries such as:

  • Sri Lanka
  • Somalia
  • Afghanistan
  • Mali
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • Sierra Leone
  • Palestine
  • India

There are thousands of children in other countries around the world that need our help as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, but it is only with your help and kind donations that we will be able to provide the emergency assistance they need.

Provisions We Supply

During the pandemic, our focus has been to continue to provide orphans under our care with uninterrupted aid. Our main goal is to give vulnerable children the care and attention they need, as well as to provide them with life-saving and often life-changing provisions so that they may gain skills and break out of the cycle of poverty.


Many orphans live in sub-par conditions that are overcrowded, unsanitary and unsafe. Some children, including double orphans who have lost both parents, often live on the streets with nothing but a square of cardboard to shield them from the cold and abuse from passers-by. Our first priority is to get children into a safe environment, including in our orphanages and our orphan village. We are committed to building safer, better homes in communities, and this has only been exasperated by the pandemic.

The dangers of living in overcrowded areas with little to no sanitation or hygiene greatly increase the risk of diseases such as Covid-19 spreading. That’s why we’ve been pushing harder to build more homes and get more orphans off the streets and into a safe environment during the pandemic.


The pandemic has highlighted the importance of accessible healthcare, but unfortunately, millions of people still do not have ready, affordable medical aid available to them. We make it a priority to give all orphans comprehensive healthcare with regular medical check-ups.


Millions of children and widowed families live day to day without knowing where their next meal will come from. This sees a lot of children – especially those whose fathers have died – undertaking dangerous work that no child should ever be exposed to just to get enough money for the most basic of provisions. Many of the orphans we support are malnourished and in desperate need of steady, nutritious food; more so during the pandemic when trade chains have been interrupted and resources have been hard to come by.

We have been working tirelessly to provide essential food and nutrition to vulnerable orphans and widowed families, but there are many more who still need our help.


Lots of the children we work with are thrown into a cycle of poverty as a result of losing one or both of their parents. Education in many of the countries we work in is not free. In times of struggle when families are fighting to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table, sacrifices have to be made, and too often education is stopped so that money can be saved and children can go to work. Like most things, the pandemic has only amplified this.

This results in orphans being deprived of the one thing that can elevate them out of the cycle of poverty: education. At Orphans in Need, we are committed to providing the children under our care with access to high-quality education, to level the playing field and give them access to opportunities that will ultimately shape a better and brighter future for them.

Supporting Communities

One of our main goals is to provide entire communities with better resources so that they may be self-sufficient and build a life for themselves and future generations. Whilst we have our orphan village, a large part of what we do is to support existing orphanages.

In many countries that we work in, orphanages are overcrowded. The pandemic has seen millions of people lose their lives to Covid-19, with others battling ongoing poverty and conflict. In order to give children a better chance, many widows place their children in the care of community orphanages. Whilst the intent is good, oftentimes, children in orphanages are still living in deprived conditions. There are too many children for orphanage staff to look after, meaning many are still going hungry and do not have access to regular, nutritious food.

We are committed to helping these orphanages by providing them with the provisions they need to feed and clothe every orphan in their care, as well as to keep the heat on during the cold nights and winters.

How You Can Help

We have been able to help thousands of children over the last year, but the pandemic is not over yet and our work is ongoing. We still need your donations so that we can continue to help as many orphans and communities as possible. No matter what you give, it will make a difference.

  • £30 a month sponsors one orphan and provides them with basic provisions such as clothes, shelter, medical care and an education
  • £150 pays for an orphan rescue kit that is used by orphanages to allow children to settle in
  • £500 buys enough clothes for 100 orphans so that they have warm winter clothes and cool summer clothes
  • £1,600 pays for an entire orphanage to feed their children for two full months

You may make a general orphan donation, or you can choose to support our orphan village which provides accommodation, education, healthcare and counselling care for 264 orphans and 12 widows. Alternatively, you can donate to our widow and orphan food parcels appeal.

Donate Now

Help us continue to provide life-saving provisions to orphans during the Covid-19 pandemic by giving what you can to our appeals.