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Today we’re celebrating International Women’s Day!

It’s a day dedicated to celebrating inspirational women from all over the globe. At Orphans in Need we’re thinking of the strong and resilient widowed women who face unimaginable challenges and obstacles every single day.

Ahema, a widow from Bangladesh, lost her husband to a heart attack, he left behind her, their three daughters and a son, with no one to provide for them. Luckily, Ahema’s husband owned the house they lived in, so they had a roof over their heads, but this was not enough as the family had no savings to pay for bills and food for herself and her four children.

At her lowest points, Ahema was heavily dependent on relying on her neighbours and relatives for financial assistance, and even had to accept food for her and her children.

Ahema knew she had to find a way to provide for her family, and decided to sew clothes for her neighbours and relatives, which earnt her a small sum of money. After gaining more experience, she began working as a tailor and receives orders from the local market, and makes dresses to order.

It was just before Ramadan when we were told of Ahema and her family’s situation, she was earning a small sum but was still unable to provide regular food and Iftaar and Suhoor for her and her four children. Ahema was very thankful to receive the food pack that allowed them to perform their fasting without the uncertainty of knowing whether or not they would get enough food, and now does not have the burden of providing food for the family.

If we can take anything away from this International Day, let us all take a leaf out of Ahema’s book. When times were extremely tough, she used her courage and positive spirit to stay strong for her family.

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