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Even after years of stating the rights of a child, there are still millions of children that are being deprived of their basic needs today. They are being denied protection from abuse, government support, a meal, and an education. Millions of children are spending their childhood searching for food and finding a place to sleep. 

The picture above shows a child sleeping by an ATM machine in a busy area of Delhi. Is he lost? Is he an orphan? What did we do to help him?

Our team member was the one who noticed the boy, and we asked…

How common is this?

“Seeing children asleep in public places? Very. Outside the place, there were children sleeping on the pavement along with dogs.”

How did it make you feel?

“Even though you see so much of it, it never strikes you as normal. And it really hits you when you see them in the same state as dogs.”

What did you do when you saw him?

“As soon as I saw him, I stopped and felt I had to take a picture. You see hundreds of street children daily, but for me, this stood out. I realised he was in this little ATM booth because it had air conditioning so he wanted to get out of the heat.”

“Seeing him made me realise just how much more there is that I, or we, need to be doing to help protect our children and it all begins with telling people and showing them the reality of the situation.”


Orphans in Need believed in giving every child what they need and deserve since its beginning. We work to protect vulnerable children, like the boy in the image, that have been neglected and left to fight on their own.

It is up to us to raise awareness of the millions of children worldwide who are orphaned, alone, and helpless. They are the children of our future and if we don’t do anything to help them who will?

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