• 24 May

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My First book of Islamic Months by Hajera Memon

Hajera is the proud author of a range of children’s books that teach them about faith in a more fun and exciting way!

She shared her first two books, The Story of the Elephant Pop-up Book and The Colour-changing Wudu Bath Book with our children in New Delhi. Now she has released a third book, My First Book of Islamic Months, which to follow tradition, she has also shared with our children.

Children in our care look forward to moments that get them excited and make them happy because it distracts them from their worries and overshadows any sad memories they have.

After every delivery of Hajera’s books, our children feel inspired by learning and having fun. The books are interactive and keep the children entertained for days!

Hajera’s books have given our children a happy memory and an enjoyable learning experience and we think you might like them too!

Once a Banking Solicitor, Hajera is now the founder of Shade 7, a specialist Novelty Publisher of Children’s books that help children learn about faith in a fun way. Visit their website to see their range of books and to your order your own copy.