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Orphans in Need joins UNRWA, WHO and United Muslim Relief Coalition to deliver $25million medical aid in Gaza

Orphans in Need has joined a coalition of international organisations working to support the recovery of the Gaza Strip. This relationship will mean that $25million worth of medical aid is distributed to the besieged residents, with a $5million contribution from Orphans in Need.

This relief effort will prove to be a timely response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis that has resulted from 50 days of conflict over the summer. Working with the likes of UNRWA and WHO will allow Orphans in Need to ensure that the medical aid reaches the most affected residents of Gaza. The coalition is formed of global partners made up of United Muslim Relief, Islamic Help, Life for Relief and Development, and Baitulmaal.

CEO of Orphans in Need, Tufail Hussain, welcomed the forming of this partnership, “Orphans in Need is honoured to be a part of this delivery of essential relief to the people of Gaza. We did not appeal to our donors for these funds but they came forward with their usual extreme generosity in order to make a difference to the lives of the most needy.”

The medical aid will be distributed in December 2014 via UNRWA hospitals in Gaza under supervision of the World Health Organisation.

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