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Providing more than just shelter, our Orphans Village in Delhi is our flagship project. At our Delhi Orphans Village, we are setting a new standard for the quality of orphan care. The Orphans Village was opened in 2015 and was made possible by the ongoing support from our generous donors.

Currently, the Village is able to support nearly 300 orphaned children and provide safe housing for over 40 widowed women. Our teams are dedicated to removing children from a dangerous life on the streets and helping them get settled in a loving environment full of care, joy and compassion.

Video Transcript

0.21 About four years ago, we appealed to you, the supporters of Orphan in Need, and asked you to join us on a brave new vision. That was a vision to build the world’s very first purpose-built village dedicated entirely to nurturing and caring for some of the world’s poorest orphan children. That vision is now a reality.

0.58 Orphans in Need are not interested in the fact that most of these children will be happy just to have a roof over their head or a piece of bread in their hand. No. We wanted to show the world that if you take orphan children from the street, children who have not just lost their Father but, in this case, a Mother too. Then they, too, have the potential to achieve anything.

1.23 And that’s the key ingredient, that special ingredient, that brings with it the joy, the blessings, the Baraka, that this whole project was about from the start. Because today, together, we’re going to meet the children, we’re going to meet our children.

1.48 All these children have lost not one, but both parents, and you give them a real chance to succeed, just as we want for our own children. So whether that’s the chance to study for a better future, to share a meal as part of a loving family, to have a safe place to sleep at night or simply the chance that all children should have, to play and have some fun.

2.27 The Orphans in Need village is not just about providing a house but about giving these children a real home.

2.37 We have the land and we have the plans. You believed and supported Orphans in Need when all of this was nothing more than an architect’s drawing and look at what we’ve achieved.

What do we offer?

  • A loving home to hundreds of orphans who have lost both of their parents.
  • 22 purpose-built homes, each designed to comfortably accommodate 12 orphans and a widow.
  • Comfortable, season-suitable clothing, access to high standards of education and a daily menu of nutritious and healthy meals.
  • Facilities and accommodations for special needs and disabled children.
  • Access to medical treatment and facilities including counselling and trauma care.
  • A caring family environment provided by our fully trained and compassionate staff and orphanage volunteers.
  • Purpose to homeless widows by employing them as live-in mothers to our orphan children.

Orphan Village Support

Committing to the future

We give our orphans the best chance for a better future by providing them access to medicine and education.

Education is at the core of many of our worldwide projects and is just as important in the Orphans Village. We aim to ensure all our children have access to a first-class education and will learn key life skills that will help them succeed in life. We ensure our orphans can grow their confidence and go on to provide greater contributions to their local communities and aid in their nation’s prosperity.

Health and nutrition make a huge difference in the quality of a child’s life. We ensure our orphan children receive a varied, nutritious diet that helps provide energy for learning and play.

We understand that a child’s ability to thrive later in life will depend on their relationship with food when they are young and endeavour to help educate all our children to eat healthily.

We still need your help

Maintaining the Orphans Village and ensuring it has quality upkeep is an ongoing concern. Our teams are doing what they can to ensure sustainable outcomes but we still rely on the generosity of our donors to help fund the operating costs day-to-day.

By making a donation to the Orphans Village you provide our orphaned children with everything they need for a good life including food, clothing, access to education and medical care, toys and enriching recreational activities.

There is no minimum donation and no amount you give is ever too small. We are grateful for every single contribution we receive and together, we can continue to provide for the vulnerable orphan children that would otherwise be without.

Every child deserves a bright start in life and the Orphans Village allows us to bring many children off the street and into a warm, loving environment.

Help us to continue the incredible work we are doing in the Orphans Village and donate to the orphanage with Orphans in Need today.

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Orphans Village Timeline

See how the Orphans Village took shape from acquiring the land in 2013 to completion in 2015. None of this would have been possible without the contributions of our donors and we are always thankful for your continued support.

Your support to the Orphans Village allows the Orphans in Need teams to bring hope to our orphans and your orphanage donations go toward ensuring each of our orphaned children receive clothing, medical attention, education and, most importantly, love and guidance from our live-in widows and orphanage volunteers as they grow into adulthood.

Every child deserves a bright start in life and the Orphans Village allows us to bring many children off the street and into a warm, loving environment.

Jan 2013 – The ideal location is found outside of New Delhi and the land is purchased allowing the development of phase one to begin.

Spring 2014 – The construction of twenty homes has been completed and decorated inside and outside with two remaining homes to be built. The area is landscaped to provide a nice garden-like environment for our orphans to enjoy and the live-widow carers and staff begin their training. Each home has been designed to accommodate 12 orphans and a live-in widow who provides a full-time mother figure to the children.

July 2014 – It’s time for the first group of orphans to move into Orphans Village with the live-in widow and staff who have received training in taking of the orphans and meeting their social and emotional needs.

This is Ibtesam Altarabilsy

Ibtesam Altarabilsy lives in North Gaza-Beit Lahia in Palestine with his mother, 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Ibtesam was attending school before receiving sponsorship but now due to your support Ibtesam is doing very well and is studying at university.”