• 24 May

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You delivered food for thousands – Qurbani 2015

It was only last month that we asked you to support our Qurbani campaign to fulfil your obligation but also to help feed poor orphans and widows. Your response was overwhelming and we were able to feed thousands of people in 14 countries. This included countries like Palestine and Somalia, ensuring we could reach as many needy people as possible.

Your support came in person, over the phone, our website and during our Islam Channel television appeal live from Makkah. This blessed time inspired thousands of you to donate more than just your obligatory Qurbani.

We delivered a staggering 8,980 shares on your behalf – that’s 1233 cows and 349 sheep and goats. Your generosity has meant that thousands of poor orphans, widows and their families received fresh meat – some in areas where meat is an annual luxury for them.

All of this was only possible through your support. Thank you.