• 24 May

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Delhi Orphanage

At Orphans in Need, we believe that our children should have the best start in life. We want to help them become model citizens with access to the same resources and life opportunities as their peers. Our mission is to set up a network of orphanages with a strong focus on the quality of care and development.

More than just an orphanage.

Simply building orphanages is not enough. Once orphanages are established, we supply financial aid, equipment, staff training, educational materials, medicines, clothing and toys. But it extends beyond the material; we go the extra mile to ensure personal attention to each child.

We are in it for the long run.

Orphans in Need is not here to provide a short-term solution. We only focus on a few projects in a few countries to ensure that we deliver the best solutions so that our children are well equipped to lead fulfilling lives right through adulthood. In line with local culture and education standards, they are taught basic skills such as cooking, arts, crafts, raising crops and keeping livestock. By ensuring that our orphanages are established at places with easy access to colleges and universities, we hope that many will go on to train to become doctors, lawyers, teachers or civil servants.

Project: Delhi


  • There are over 65 million orphans in Asia alone
  • Nearly 20% of Delhi’s population are slum dwellers

The Plan

  • OIN has identified an ideal location, about 35km from New Delhi, as the site for a new purpose-built orphanage with an integral school
  • Plans have been drawn up for an eco-friendly solution, with the building to include solar panels and other energy-saving features

The Children

  • Hundreds of orphans who have lost their parents will be accommodated
  • Minimum three meals a day, clothed and education to the highest standards
  • All special needs will be accommodated, including disabilities
  • Medical treatment and counselling, if required
  • Our fully trained staff and volunteers will care for these children in a family-orientated environment

Help us build them a future filled with hope.

Orphans in Need has already purchased three acres of land at a cost of £100,000 with phase one of the development already underway. The land purchase works out to about £11 per square yard.

We now require your support for the construction of the building.

Please donate today. If it is beyond your means to give a lump sum, you may pay in instalments to fit your budget. Any amount, large or small, will make a difference.

Help to house an orphan. Call our donation hotline on 0844 348 8201 today and donate whatever you can.

A donation of £800 would provide two homeless orphans with a twin bedroom with attached bathroom facilities.