• 17 April

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Your Zakat Donation 2015

The giving of your Zakat is both a sacred duty and the gift of opportunity. As a duty, Zakat is a requirement, an obligation for those more fortunate to offer support to those who cannot attain the wealth and position of others.

But Zakat provides the gift of responsible choice. Zakat allows you to determine how best your offering will benefit others. The lives of many will be influenced by your decision.

Many organisations and worthy Causes need Zakat to support their vital work. There are so many underprivileged people it is sometimes a difficult choice for many Muslims. Where to donate, to whom and how much?

Orphans in Need supports over 9,000 orphans and widowed families throughout the world. As the Charity of the Year 2015 we have been grateful to, and humbled by, those who recognise the value and successful outcomes of our work. The Award makes this year very special for our charity.

Orphans in Need is concerned with the present but focuses on the future. The future lives of orphaned children starting out with one of the greatest disadvantages known to them; the loss of a family life and the uncertainty it brings. Family is the great stabiliser, providing children with love, comfort, structure; remove it and a child’s future is at risk.

We make no claim to be better or superior to other organisations; our remarkable achievements speak for themselves. We ask only that you consider Orphans in Need as a force for change, as a well-managed provider of success, as a worthy recipient of your Zakat.

On behalf of thousands of orphans and widows: thank you.