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Beautiful recitation at the mosque for fajr to start the day.

After we had prayed, we made our way to the office of the orphanage. Over a hundred widows, majority Palestinian and Syrians, came to collect the following for their orphan children:
– Blankets
– Food Parcels
– Hygiene Packs

It was quite hectic but the database ensured we were able to distribute the right amount for each family. They were making so many duas (supplications) for everyone involved for providing them such simple things they need on a daily basis. It felt like we didn’t deserve those duas because we were only doing what was right.

We then headed off to the orphanage, which was completed a year ago. Amazing to see, built to a very high standard. Very humble brothers have maintained it amazingly well.

We entered a room full of young Palestinian (nearly 70% of Jordan’s population are Palestinian refugees) and Syrian orphan girls. They performed on stage nasheeds (songs), majority in Arabic but also in English. I felt like I was in assembly back in the day in school! It was amazing to see the confidence and happiness they have, especially after going through such a tough childhood…

As we left, it made me realise how important it is to look after orphans. A lot of boys started to talk to us and started to mess about, having a laugh. I told one of the brothers that the streets brought back memories of being in Gaza. It was so similar, it was surreal.

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