• 24 May

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We started the day with a beautiful recitation at the mosque for fajr. The routine and ritual of the morning prayer give us the strength and focus to get through the day. We hear so many harrowing stories of how children in need sometimes only have a shirt to keep them warm in winter, affecting them both physically and emotionally.

Our faith in Allah (SWT) gives us strength and compassion to continue to redistribute essential items to help those who are vulnerable and suffering, providing warm blankets for winter through our Winter Charity Appeal.

The Impact of Zakat Donations

After our prayers, we made our way to the office of the orphanage. As our orphanage sponsors, it is important for all Orphans in Need donors, and those submitting their Zakat donations, to understand the importance of these establishments. Today, over one hundred widows, the majority of whom were Palestinian or Syrian refugees, came to collect essential winter items for orphaned children. These items include:

– Warm blankets for winter

 – Food parcels, providing good, nutritious food

 – Hygiene packs to help fight against winter diseases

The Local Community

It was quite hectic, but we have clear information about the local communities, which has been gathered to ensure we distribute the right number of essential items to those families who are particularly vulnerable and in need. 

The recipients of the warm blankets and food parcels showed their immense gratitude to the generosity of all Orphans in Need donors and supporters. They made many duas (supplications) for everyone involved for providing them with such simple things they need on a daily basis. 

In all honesty, it felt like we didn’t deserve those duas. We were only doing what was right for all humanity. Those children in need deserve more than to spend their winters shivering in a thin T-shirt. They deserve to be warm, to have a thick winter coat to protect them against the cold as they go about their daily education. Our winter charity appeal is helping so many thousands achieve this basic right.

The Orphanage

The orphanage is a new building that was completed a year ago. It was amazing to see that it had been built to a very high standard. Very humble brothers have maintained it incredibly well, protecting and maintaining the incredible donations that have flooded in for this project from our orphanage sponsors.

We entered a room full of young Palestinians (nearly 70% of Jordan’s population are Palestinian refugees) and Syrian orphan girls. They performed on stage nasheeds (songs), the majority in Arabic but also in English. I felt like I was in assembly back in school! It was amazing to see the confidence and happiness they have, especially after going through such a tough childhood.

What We Learnt

As we left, it made me realise how important it is to look after orphans. A lot of boys started to talk to us and started to mess about, having a laugh. I told one of the brothers that the streets brought back memories of being in Gaza. It was so similar, it was surreal.

I hope this gives you an idea of how important your Zakat donations are to the many thousands of orphans that we have pledged to help all over the world. Wintertime can be a particularly harsh time, so we ask once again to support these children in need to have access to warm blankets in wintertime.