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As temperatures plummet here in the UK, the harsh onset of winter brings a much more bitter challenge to vulnerable communities around the world. Inadequate shelters offer little protection from the icy temperatures, with children and the elderly suffering the worst. For those who suffer from poor health and struggle to access medical care, Winter worsens existing mental and physical conditions.

The widows we support find that earning a livelihood becomes gruelling or even impossible when the frost settles on the ground and dark nights come earlier. With no warm winter blanket for their beds, orphaned children in their icy homes struggle through the temperatures at night. A lack of winter clothing means they shiver incessantly during the day. 

Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab referred to winter as an ‘enemy’ that was swift to arrive but slow to leave. As the Amir of the Muslims, he encouraged the Ummah to prepare for it before its arrival. Every winter charity appeal we launch is developed to help those already stricken by poverty to prepare against the challenges of winter.

Together, there are many ways we can bring that gift of warmth through provisions to fight the worst of the winter’s chill. Our Winter Support Kits are designed to ensure the neediest communities are given winter clothing, winter blankets, heated homes, warm, nutritious meals, and the building of warm, secure homes for widows and orphans. 

A lack of winter coats means that we need to launch an appeal to provide this simple but essential item of winter clothing for tens of thousands of cold children. Across developing nations – Jammu & Kashmir, Nepal, Pakistan, and India, to name but a few, our winter appeal urges the generosity of others to dig deep when times are particularly hard. For that, we are incredibly grateful.

Give Today and Protect the Future of Children in Need

We provide several options for giving to make it easier for our donors.

£25 can provide a Winter Relief Kit for an orphan (includes a warm winter blanket, hat, scarf, gloves, and an insulated coat)

£35 can provide one Food Pack to feed a widowed family of five for a month.

£60 can provide a Winter Relief Kit (includes winter clothing, blankets, and food to feed a family for one month)

£150 can provide heating at an orphanage for a whole month.

£200 can provide emergency medical care and hospital support this winter.

£300 can provide winter clothing, warm winter blankets and food for five families for a whole month.

£7,000 builds a widow and her orphaned children a safe home.

Vulnerable lives are at risk, and this year, your help is needed more than ever.

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Over 5,000 families in Jammu & Kashmir were supported last winter


4,930 widows and orphans supported in the Gaza Strip last year


61,854 orphans and widows were supported last winter

A Gift of Warmth for Orphan Jahan

10-year-old orphan Jahan Ara lives in the District of Sunsara, Nepal, with her mother and her older sister, Fatima.

Though life is difficult through the entire year, winter is the most difficult to survive. “Since my father died, life has been a big struggle. During winter, my mum struggles with us even more. It’s harder to get to school, and home is always cold at night. We can’t warm up. Her depression gets even worse during this season, and her grief is much harder for her to cope with.”

Both Jahan and Fatima are sponsored by Orphans in Need and, through this assistance, manage to continue with their education and enjoy basic security. “Since we got support, we can finally look forward to warm food in the evenings now. My sister and I love our cosy winter blankets, which make the nights so much easier. After a hot dinner and proper rest at night, I can concentrate much better at school. Fatima and I go in with our new winter coats too, which we both love!”

Please donate to those suffering this Winter and help us provide the support that will save lives.

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You can provide a safer future for widows and Orphans in Need.

To make it easier for you to donate, we provide the option for one-off £35 donations or monthly recurring £35 donations. 

This allows us to plan for our winter appeals providing children in need with winter clothing and warm blankets for cold winter nights. Donors can also provide a one-off donation of £420 that will ensure a family in need is given food parcel support for an entire year.