• 24 May

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This Ramadan, you remembered #OurChild

This Ramadan, your support of Orphans in Need and the ‪#‎OurChild‬ campaign was staggering.

Touched by stories of the likes of Bathur whose father was murdered, and mother abandoned her, you responded to deliver hope for thousands. Through live appeals, fundraising events, Gather To Give, over the phone, the internet, text message and more, your generosity meant that over 3,000 orphans have been sponsored in Ramadan!

Bathur’s story.

She is 7 years old and lives in Gujarat, Pakistan. When she was only 2 years old her father was murdered, and her mother disappeared, leaving Bathur all alone with her grandparents. She used to have to work in a brick factory in order to support them, and didn’t have access to education or proper food. But thanks to your help, Bathur is now able to go to school like all the other children. She receives the tuition that will enable her to have a proper job, and have a better life than she could ever have hoped for. Now, she also has time to play with her friends, and enjoy her newfound childhood. When she gets home, she can eat a proper meal with her grandparents, who now feel confident in her future. It is thanks to your help that Bathur’s tears have transformed into a smile. She knows that her father’s prayers have come true, and that makes her truly happy and thankful.

This Ramadan, thanks to your donation, we have helped improve the lives of thousands of orphan children. Because every orphan child is our child. On their behalf, we thank you.