• 15 July

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Sri Lanka

Twelve years after the Sri Lankan civil war ended, the country is still picking up the pieces of the 26-year-long conflict that claimed the lives of upwards of 40,000 civilians.

From 1983 to 2009, the Sri Lankan government were engaged in a brutal war against the Liberation Tigers of Eelam (LTTE). The Tigers wanted a separate state for the Tamil people, which are a minority population in the east and north of the country. The government were starkly against this and were committed to eradicating the Tigers.

The Sri Lankan government faced international calls to allow civilians to leave the conflict areas, but they resisted. A year before the war ended, the government ordered humanitarian aid workers to leave the conflict area, leaving many civilians trapped without basic supplies.

In 2009, more than 100 children, and hundreds more adult civilians, were killed in two days. Whilst it’s been 12 years since the conflict ended, thousands of people are still trying to mend their lives following the devastating war.

Our Charity Work in Sri Lanka

Orphans in Need has been providing charity work in Sri Lanka to assist those who are still affected by the aftermath of the conflict. Following the war, some 300,000 people were internally displaced, and thousands are still interred in government camps. The UN estimates some 40,000+ Sri Lankans are ‘of concern’ and, in 2021, members of the UN voted to open an investigation into the civil war and the humanitarian crimes committed as a result.

Sri Lanka is still rebuilding following the war. Roads are being re-built, as are houses and public infrastructure systems, but thousands are still living in sub-par conditions. Many families in rural areas face food insecurity and lack of employment, whilst those in the camps have been denied freedom of movement and the right to practice their religions. Natural disasters frequently occur in Sri Lanka, and the coronavirus pandemic has done nothing but amplify the issues already faced by Sri Lankans across the country.

With limited resources, thousands of children are stunted and denied the opportunity to get an education. Our Sri Lanka charity projects aim to alleviate the suffering of Sri Lanka’s most vulnerable, but we need your help.

Please donate to our appeal so we can help those unfairly impacted by the long-standing civil war and give the future generation a chance to build a better, more hopeful future for themselves.