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We are celebrating World Children’s Day today!

31 years ago today leaders from all over the world, forming the United Nations, adopted the Convention on the Rights of Children. The Convention consists of 54 articles that put the interest of the child at the forefront. It protects children from discrimination, neglect, and abuse. It states how every government is responsible for defending children’s rights and how guardians must work with their government to ensure that children are benefitting from their rights.

Although there are still countries where children are being mistreated, the article has bought about a positive change. It has helped define what is considered as mistreatment towards children and since its acknowledgment, humanity has made more efforts to improve the welfare of children everywhere.

As an orphan sponsorship specialist charity, we too believe that every child has a right to live a life free from violence and abuse. We work towards helping children gain better health and education. The work we do helps children feel a sense of belonging and gives them the security they need, we bring changes to their lives that gives them hope and happiness.

We believe all children deserve to live their childhood, not just dream about it.

Since we have established our sponsorship programme we have changed the lives of thousands of children, and by making small changes now, we have helped them rewrite their futures.  

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