• 24 May

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Spotlight on the Struggles of Bangladesh

The food parcels provided by Orphans in Need are a valuable lifeline when families suffer the trauma of losing the home’s main breadwinner to disease, accident or, sadly, murder.

With no resources, money or support, widows become desperate and lost with no ability to feed their family and themselves.

£30 a month – approximately a third of the average developed country’s weekly shopping bill – can make a huge difference to families in need, providing a food parcel donation that allows us to feed a needy family of five for a whole month.

Our dedicated and compassionate teams are working to provide nutritious food parcels to help the widows and orphans that have been affected by poverty across 14 countries throughout Asia and Africa. Many families rely on the generosity of charities that provide help for widows and orphans to feed their children each month and we hope to reach as many people in need as we can.

In 2019, your food parcel donations to our widows and orphans charity enabled our teams to provide over 8.5 million meals to families in need and together with your assistance, our aim is to provide even more support this year.

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, every food parcel we provide to families contains necessary hygiene kits to keep our beneficiaries safe.

Spotlight on the Struggles of Bangladesh

With strict lockdown measures and travel restrictions, it became increasingly difficult to find food or get medication. To make matters worse, schools also had to shut down. So not only were the adults suffering, but so were the children. Although the government began broadcasting educational programmes on national television, the children who had no access to a television either because of where they lived or poverty, missed out on their education. A huge setback for the developmental goals of Bangladesh.

Despite the risks, Bangladesh relaxed its restrictions in an effort to rebuild the economy and improve the livelihood of communities. On the 1st of September, all restrictions on movement were lifted and the economy began its recovery process.

Orphans in Need and Bangladesh

Since we began working in Bangladesh in 2011, we have committed ourselves to bettering the lives of as many orphan and widowed families as possible. We aim to support the country on its journey to becoming a middle-income country and we will continue to help until all the orphans and widows have a better standard of living and fairer opportunities.

Our dream is that one day developing countries like Bangladesh, will not need the help of charitable organisations to function or give the poorest communities what they are entitled to. We will continue our work in these countries until they no longer need us.

If you want to know what you can do to help, click here to read about the projects we are running to support orphans and widows.