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Qurbani is an extremely holy time in the Islamic calendar and in order to honour the sacrifice Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was prepared to make as an act of dutiful devotion to Allah (SWT), it must be observed in accordance with the Qurbani rules. 

There are a number of rules specific to how to distribute Qurbani meat, the first of which being that each able Muslim should donate one share. 

Qurbani Meat Shares

Muslims who have reached the age of puberty, who are mentally stable, have more than 614.25g of silver (or the equivalent value in money), and who are not more than 27 miles from home must give one share of Qurbani. It is not compulsory for children to give Qurbani, but families and households often purchase a larger animal that is worth seven shares and give their Qurbani jointly. 

Some animals are worth more shares than others. Goats and sheep are worth one share, whilst cows, buffalos and camels are worth seven shares. Animals smaller than sheep and goats are not accepted for Qurbani as there is not enough meat to distribute. 

Animals must be able to be split into at least three shares: one share for the donor Qurbani is compulsory on, one share for the donor's friends, and one share for someone in need. 

Selecting Qurbani Animals 

Of the cows, buffalos, sheep, goats and camels that may be distributed for Qurbani, they must be carefully selected. Only animals that are of a certain standard can be distributed for Qurbani. To qualify, animals must:

  • Have two-thirds of their vision and both of their eyes
  • Have two-thirds of their tails and ears
  • Have their horns intact
  • Be a healthy weight
  • Have half of their teeth
  • Be able to walk on their own

It’s also imperative that sheep and goats are at least one-year-old, cows and buffalos must be at least two years old and camels should be at least five years old. 

Qurbani Slaughter Rules

When a Muslim has either made a Qurbani donation online or physically purchased an animal that can be divided up into the necessary shares, the sacrifice must be made either on their behalf or by them. There are strict rules relating to the way Qurbani animals are slaughtered. 

  • No animal should see another animal being sacrificed
  • No animal should see the slaughter knife be sharpened in front of them
  • No animal should be slaughtered with a blunt knife
  • No animal should be skinned until they’re completely cold
  • The phrase “Bismillahi Allahu Akbar” should be said at the time of slaughter

Distributing Qurbani Meat 

Following the slaughter, the animal is then split into three shares: one for the donor, one for the donor’s friends and one for a person in need. When a Muslim performs Qurbani themselves, they may split the animal themselves and take their share. When a Muslim makes a Qurbani donation to a charity like Orphans in Need, we will ensure you still receive the blessings and rewards for your shares, but we will physically give the share to people in need to eat. 

Give Qurbani

Please Allah (SWT) and fulfil your religious obligation to give Qurbani in memory of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) by donating Qurbani to Orphans in Need. Your kind donation will ensure our brothers and sisters around the world may enjoy a nourishing meal at Eid al-Adha. 

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