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How to Support Orphans and Make a Difference

Supporting orphans is a noble deed in Islam. The Quran and Sunnah emphasise the importance of looking after those in need, particularly young children. The Prophet’s (SAW) household serves as an illustrious example in this regard. A study of his life reveals that there were many children under his care apart from his own biological children. 

Examples from the Sunnah

There is a frequent mention of Zaid, Ali, Anas and Abdullah bin Abbas (may Allah be pleased with them all) living or staying in the Prophet’s (SAW) house. Zaid and Ali R.A. stayed with him until they grew up and settled down with their own families and occupations. Anas stayed in the Prophet’s (SAW) company to serve him, according to the wishes of his mother, and Abdullah bin Abbas used to visit him regularly, staying for the night on some occasions. The reports in authentic hadith mention how the Prophet (SAW) educated Abduallah bin Abbas about the faith while treating him kindly at all times.  

Zaid bin Harithah was kidnapped as a child and sold as an enslaved person. After his time with different people, he found himself in the Prophet’s (SAW) house, who treated him like his own child and declared to adopt him as a son. During his lonely time in Makkah, the Prophet’s (SAW) love provided him with fatherly shade and protection. He was so impressed by the Prophet’s (SAW) kindness that he refused to go back to his own family when his father and uncle came to take him with them.  

Some companions have also reported that they housed or looked after a poor or orphan child. The believers are also encouraged to follow their noble examples and spend on children in need of help.  

Charities that Support Orphans

While adoption or foster care might not be a possibility for everyone, helping orphans by donating or other means is a good option for many. Apart from donations, the charities helping the orphans provide sponsoring opportunities for those looking to participate in orphan care programmes.  

As orphan children heavily depend on help from aid work, charities are providing a lifeline to vulnerable children. Orphans in Need is one of the global orphan relief charities working in multiple countries across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. You can donate to Orphans in Need to play your part in uplifting the state of children in great need.  

Orphan Support Programmes

Our teams are working diligently on various projects launched by Orphans in Need. These support programmes include our pilot project, Orphan Village, which was launched in India. It is a trial model for a platform that provides all the necessary support to orphan children under one roof, operating from one place.  

Apart from this, Orphans in Need is running orphan sponsorship and food parcel projects to support children in need. You can support an orphan by contributing to our orphan sponsorship appeal. Donate now to alleviate the suffering of innocent children and provide them with a way out of unending hardship. Your donations can change lives.  

Orphan Support in Africa

There are real-life stories of children from Africa and elsewhere that bring home the importance of orphan sponsorship. Regular support has enabled young people in many developing countries to grow into responsible adults and get a decent education. One such story mentions an infant orphan who, with the support of generous donors, made it to the university. Having graduated with a midwife degree, Fahma is ready to make a positive contribution to her community in Somalia.  

Another inspirational story mentions a 15-year-old from Sierra Leone who dreams of becoming a lawyer and establishing a charitable foundation to help children like him. There are many success stories available to read on Orphan in Need’s website.  

This highlights the difference your donations make to the lives of young people in disadvantaged areas. Continue supporting the relevant projects, whether it is Orphan Sponsorship, Widows and Orphan Food Parcels, Global Orphan Care or Orphan Villages. Every little contribution helps bring a big change.  

How to Support Orphans

There are many practical ways to support orphan children. Apart from donating to orphan support programmes, you can spread awareness about the need to help children in need.  Currently, many regions are witnessing the effects of war, violence, and disaster, which include orphanhood. It is beneficial to raise awareness about the conditions of orphan children stuck in the affected areas and ways to support them. You can take the following steps to help this cause:  

  • Educate yourself and your family members. 
  • Increase awareness on social media. 
  • Encourage school children to participate in the Kids 4 Orphans programme of Orphans in Need. 
  • Volunteer for a reputable orphan charity. 
  • Participate in fundraising ideas for orphan support charities.