• 24 May

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Here at Orphans in Need, we offer a low-cost Qurbani option to ensure you fulfil your obligation without going through financial strain. With as little as £25, you can offer your sacrifice and help the needy individuals join in Eid al-Adha celebrations.

Every penny you donate contributes towards supporting orphaned children and widowed mothers who are the victims of extreme poverty. Your Qurbani donations provide nutritious meals to families in need and spread happiness amongst them. Fill hungry stomachs with the gift of healthy food and earn reward in abundance.

With the cheapest Qurbani 2024 package, you have a chance to offer two sacrifices in place of one. Accomplish the noble Sunnah of making an additional sacrifice and help more vulnerable families this year.

Qurbani Brings Hope

The time of Qurbani brings hope to the poor and needy who do not get to eat meat for their meals all year round apart from Eid al-Adha. Children in vulnerable families eagerly look forward to receiving the gift of sacrificial meat during the days of Qurbani.

With your Qurbani donations, you can give joy to helpless individuals in many countries including India, The Gambia, Sierra Leone, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Somalia, and Jammu and Kashmir. Our teams are working hard to deliver your Qurbani in areas of great need across Asia, Africa, and The Middle East. Give your sacrifice with Orphans in Need and alleviate the suffering of those affected by food poverty.

Qurbani Choices at Orphans in Need

Orphans in Need’s Qurbani platform allows you to select a country of your choice for your Qurbani offering. In cases where a country has not been specified by donors, our teams will perform and distribute Qurbani in regions with greatest need.

You can also choose the size and type of animal on our website for your sacrifice. The possibilities range from small animals to shares of large animals and whole large animals. Whichever option you select, remember the great reward involved in Qurbani and purify your intention before making the sacrifice.

The Prophet (SAW) said,

“For every hair of the Qurbani, you will receive a reward from Allah (SWT)”.


Qurbani Price UK

In the UK, the sacrifice of a high-quality animals like a sheep or a lamb costs nearly £200. With rising costs of living, slaughter prices have also gone up, making it difficult for many to participate in the practice of Qurbani. In these circumstances, Orphans in Need provides the best solution by offering cheap Qurbani for 2024.

Donate your Qurbani to Orphans in Need and make a difference to the lives of those in the greatest need of help. 

Great Value Qurbani

Low-cost Qurbani for orphans, widows and people experiencing poverty.

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