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Ansaar Scouts Winter Walk | Heckmondwike | 5 February 2017

Orphans in Need is always looking for ways to fundraise and improve the lives of impoverished individuals across the globe. One previous example is when we teamed up with Ansaar scouts and had a fantastic day together, trudging the fields in an endeavour to raise funds for the orphans and widows in Nepal. Together they organised a sponsored walk, covering 8kms and ultimately raising an incredible £4000 for Orphans in Need.

The aftereffects of the Nepal earthquake that happened in April 2015 are still rippling across communities in the country. Nearly 9000 people lost their lives, leaving behind thousands of widows and orphans, many in rural communities, with no means of earning a living and struggling to put food on the table.

The Day

All participants arrived at Ansaar Scouts at 10 am; the scout leader went through all the health and safety tick lists to make sure everyone was safe, checked that everyone had all the equipment they needed and knew where to go on the day.

The walking groups were split into two groups – one of which to cover a shorter 5km walk (better for mums with young children up to about six years old). The second group, consisting of older children, teenagers, and adults, were able to tackle the longer, more challenging 8km walk.

Everybody enjoyed walking through the beautiful West Yorkshire countryside of Heckmondwike. Due to the inclement weather, everyone was wearing wellies, walking through muddy paths, climbing fences, and splashing in puddles! It did focus the mind on those orphans in need who lacked warm winter clothing trudging through the fields of Nepal. The desire to help them spurred everyone on to complete the route in good spirits.

After a tiring day, everyone went back to the scouts’ hut and had lunch, coffee, and cakes. Orphans in Need set up a cake stall and gave out goodies.

The Result

This was a fantastic day to remember, and we raised an amazing amount of £4,000. These funds were distributed to the orphans and widows in Nepal by a team of our staff and volunteers.

We would like to say a huge Jazakallah to Ansaar Scouts and all those that sent in food and drink donations, all the parents and family who came out to support the day, and last but most definitely not least to all the leaders and volunteers who made this day possible. Keep an eye on our website for future fundraising initiatives and get involved.

Below are a few snapshots from the day.

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