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Have a look at what some of our volunteers have been doing:

Shahzad organised the “Kick Punch Crazy Challenge”

I wanted to do something for a while and after seeing various adverts for charities, I started to think about ways of raising some money for a good cause.

Having children of my own and seeing how much we take for granted, things like water, food, clothes, I just wanted to do something, anything to help even 1 child.

So I started to note ideas down of how to get people involved in raising some money.

Being a Kickboxing Instructor I decided upon completing 10,000 Punches & 10,000 Kicks with some of my students within 60 minutes. I got all of my students involved even the ones that were not able to take part did their bit by sponsoring one of the participants. On the day I was very nervous and hoped that we would manage to complete the task. It turned out to be a major success, as we managed to complete it well under 60 minutes.

I have never seen my students work so hard. Everyone was so nervous about completing the challenge within the time frame. I was so touched and proud of how well everyone did. All that mattered to everyone was getting the task completed so that we could raise the money and help make a small difference.

Romel Ahmed Set up A “Work Charity Bash”

A huge “Thank You” to my colleagues at BT for the support over the past month – with all their help and support we have raised £810…!. An amazing amount that not only beat last year’s total of £340 for Orphans In Need but beat my personal target of £600 for this year by some considerable amount..!

My Thanks go to Elaine, Adrian and Marcia for making such wonderful cakes for the “Cake Bake Sale”. Also a BIG thank you to Dali, Rashpal and Scott for your kind donations for the “Raffle Draw” and Simon for giving a day’s Annual Leave to be auctioned off. Thank you to each and every person that made a donation or a purchase of a raffle without which we would not have been able to raise so much money.

Remember to let us know what you decide and how, take photos and send them in. We’ll help you all the way!

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