• 24 May

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Healthy Meals to Orphans in Syria

Orphans in Need working in partnership with Human Appeal, providing healthy meals to orphans in Syria.

The situation for children in Syria is heart-breaking. Facing the horrors of war, the plight of hunger, violence and soul destroying fear is hard enough but some are having to endure this alone.

The Syrian crisis has made tens of thousands of children into orphans, who have had to flee their homes without their parents or guardians to look after them. Children as young as 10 years old have had to take full responsibility for their younger siblings.

With no social welfare system or alternative care options for children in the war-torn country, the orphan homes inside Syria provide all the care they can. However, some need extra support to provide nutritious food, clothing and medicine.

Orphans in Need partnered up with Human Appeal to deliver a healthy meal project inside Syria to address the severe need for food that orphans are facing in the country. Our project provided 117 orphans, aged 3 to 11 years staying at an orphanage in Syria, with nutrition-rich food for 10 months. This is in addition to the services that are already being provided by staff at the orphanage, including clothing, healthcare and education.

Thanks to the support, the children were able to have three healthy meals and as a result, were able to boost their immune systems and were able to study and rest with a full stomach. At least some respite during the tough times they are facing.

We would like to say a big thank you to Human Appeal’s staff/volunteers for helping making this a successful project. It goes to show by working together, we can make a difference! Here’s a few snapshots from the day!

Please note, this was a one-off project helping to meet the severe need in Syria. Orphans in Need does not run humanitarian emergency projects and is therefore not continuously operating inside Syria due to the humanitarian nature of the support that is required. We do however provide food support in other countries, which you can support here.