• 24 May

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School bag distribution in Sierra Leone

Earlier this year in February 2018, we delivered shoes and socks as well as school bags to 107 orphans in Sierra Leone. 

Freetown Sierra Leone is an extremely deprived state with 60% of the population living below the poverty rate. Individuals aged between 15 and 35 make up a third of the population and a majority of those in this age group are unemployed mainly because they have not had any form of education or training to give them the skills needed. The education system is deteriorating with little to no government funding putting a hold to any improvements needed to be made to schools. The people of Sierra Leone depend on agriculture to survive but with an increase in population and degradation of the climate, this is becoming increasingly difficult. Many are left jobless with no prospect of development. 

We wanted to make a change to the schools we visited and their students, which is why Orphans In Need handed out school bags, shoes and socks, to over 100 children in need. The excitement and happiness that the children and their parents expressed when they got their school bags were truly inspiring. When they were told that the support came from donors to help with their education and welfare they were just as overwhelmed as we were, they felt so loved at that moment that they could not stop saying thank you. 

We always want children to feel loved and we are so grateful that we were able to bring them so much happiness through this simple gesture which would not have been possible without our donors. Together we can ensure that orphans have an equal chance to be educated by giving them the basics to live on, reducing the crime rate and providing the wider society with an educated workforce for the benefit of the community. 

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