• 17 April

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Moeen Ali joins Orphans in Need

London – Orphans in Need is delighted to today announce Moeen Ali as their Global Brand Ambassador.

Moeen is a firm supporter of the work that Orphans in Need is carrying out across the world and is formalising this by becoming Orphans in Need’s Global Brand Ambassador.

Moeen stated: “I have always supported charitable causes, orphans who are the most vulnerable in our society have always had a special place in my heart. Without my parents, I would not be where I am today and cannot imagine what it would be like to not have parents. I’ve supported Orphans in Need in the past, their focus on vulnerable orphans and widows is in line with my charitable passion, I was therefore keen to work with them.”

CEO of Orphans in Need, Tufail Hussain, welcomed the relationship with Moeen Ali: “We are honoured to be presented with the opportunity to work with such a revered sportsman and individual as Moeen. His popularity amongst sports fans and communities in the UK and abroad will allow us to spread news of our vital work to a wider audience so that we can make a greater difference to the lives of the needy.”

This announcement comes at a vital time for Moeen as he prepares to fly out to the ICC World Cup with England. His role as Global Brand Ambassador for Orphans in Need will involve visiting the NGO’s orphan sponsorship projects and attendance at events in the UK.

To further support the cause, Moeen has decided to donate his bat sponsorship space to Orphans in Need – a place normally reserved for a player’s personal sponsors.

Kamran Khan, Moeen’s manager stated: “Moeen had the opportunity to benefit from private sponsors, however, he was adamant to use this opportunity to further support a cause he wholeheartedly supports”