• 15 July

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Horrific Flash Floods in Pakistan

Since June of this year, floods have continued to devastate Pakistan and take thousands of lives. These floods have resulted from hefty monsoon rains and melting glaciers, each of which followed a severe heatwave. The world hasn’t seen flooding of this scale since the 2017 South Asian floods, and the current floods in Pakistan are being described as the worst in the country’s history.

As of 25th August 2022, the situation has been deemed an emergency, as over one-third of the country, equivalent to an area the size of the UK, is currently underwater. From this, 33 million people have been affected, and one million homes have received severe damage.


The flooding has devastated the country, with over 1,350 people confirmed dead and over 400 of these individuals being children. In addition to those that the floods have killed, over 12,500 people have been injured. Meanwhile, more than 300,000 individuals live in temporary camps as 220,000 homes have been destroyed.

Along with these homes, 17,560 schools have been damaged or entirely devastated, leaving millions of children without a safe space. On top of this, upwards of 700,000 livestock have died due to the floods, leaving individuals without a means to make a living and contributing to widespread hunger.

The staggering death toll is only set to rise as the excessive rainfall is expected to continue at an alarming rate. Roads, homes, and crops have been washed away, leaving a trail of devastation throughout the country. Some of the most vulnerable people in society, including three million children, are now homeless and hungry and need your help more than ever before.

Without your donations, they won’t survive, so please, act now and donate what you can.

Below are some of the worst affected areas of Pakistan to display the extent of the devastation.


In Sindh alone, a minimum of 402 people have been killed by the flooding, while 1,055 have been injured. Similarly, due to the damage and destruction of 57,496 houses, 10 million people have found themselves displaced.


The floods killed 244 people in Baluchistan, and 426,897 houses became uninhabitable. Therefore, not only is the region of Balochistan grieving the deaths of hundreds, but it’s also suffering from the displacement of millions.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

No less than 264 people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have died due to flooding, and as many as 600,000 are now displaced, as a result of the damage and destruction of 326,897 homes. The scenes were devastating, with children being swept away and drowning on their way home from school.


In the region of Gilgit-Baltistan, a minimum of 22 people died from the floods, and four have gone missing. Meanwhile, as many as 420 homes faced destruction, and 740 more received extensive damage.


Throughout Punjab, 168 people were killed by the floods, and 105 more received severe injuries. Many settlements have been completely submerged in flood water, destroying whole communities.


The Pakistani government is doing all it can to help its people in their time of need; however, the floods have caused thousands of millions of pounds of damage. Therefore, they need international aid, including charitable donations from organisations like ours. Despite this, we won’t be able to provide this support without your contributions.

As little as £40 can provide a Food Parcel to a family of six, feeding them for a month. Our Food Parcels contain essentials, such as drinking water, rice, lentils, salt, sugar, wheat flour, 3 litres of vegetable oil, and much more.

For just £50, you can provide five families with hygiene packs, which help them fight waterborne diseases and skin infections that are rife in flooding areas. Every hygiene pack contains antibacterial soap, a plastic bucket, and a 20-litre can go for clean water storage.

With £110, you can provide a family with a 4×4 metre waterproof tent made from durable double ply, tarpaulin sheets, and a floormat.

Using your donations, Orphans in Need are already providing lifesaving provisions to vulnerable individuals throughout Pakistan. Despite this, our work is only the tip of the iceberg, and much more is needed.

We’re in a race against time, so we plead that you act now and donate generously.

Your donations could be the difference between life and death for vulnerable children and women in Pakistan.

Donate now to save a life.

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