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Pakistan Floods Appeal: Over a third of the country is underwater.

Pakistan is suffering from heavy rainfalls this monsoon season, resulting in the most horrific flash floods the country has seen in a decade. As a result, over a third of the country is underwater - equivalent to an area the size of the UK.

Crops, roads, and homes have been washed away, leaving a trail of destruction throughout the country and cutting off entire villages. Millions of people are in danger of dying from drowning in powerful floods, catching fatal waterborne diseases, and getting trapped inside collapsed or washed away buildings.


33 million

People have been affected

3 million

Children in urgent need of humanitarian aid

1 million

Homes have been severely damaged

Orphans and widows in Pakistan need you now more than ever.

Over 33 million people in Pakistan have been affected across the country, resulting in 1350 deaths and over 3 million children in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Many of these children have lost their parents and are mourning whilst trying to survive.

Sadly, the worst is yet to come. The death toll is expected to rise as a result of the consequences of the floods whereby over 1 million homes have been damaged and over 220,000 homes have been completely destroyed. A large majority of these homes include orphan and widow homes which are often constructed with recycled materials and mud.

Orphans and widows are the most vulnerable people in society; they have no support system and are now alone with nothing but clothes on their backs. They are homeless, starving, and desperately need life-saving support.

Orphans in Need have been working on the ground to support floods victims. 

Orphans in Need are deeply saddened by the situation and heartbroken for the many people, women, and children who have lost their homes and their lives in the disaster. Our local teams have been working tirelessly around the clock, helping as many people as possible to provide relief and help women and children through these devastating times.

Unfortunately, millions of women and children still urgently need help. Orphans in Need remain on the ground and need your help to continue delivering the following support:

Safe Shelter:

Our emergency waterproof shelters are fully equipped with mosquito nets and provide safety to women and children whose homes have been destroyed. Without safe shelter, they will be homeless and vulnerable to danger.

Food Parcels:

Food Parcels will feed people on the brink of starvation for one whole month and provide clean water. Without it, they will drink contaminated water carrying waterborne diseases, and risk dying from drowning as they search for food. 

Hygiene Kits:

Contaminated water is causing skin infections, eye infections, and cholera. Hygiene Kits will prevent fatal disease outbreaks and medical emergencies. The kits include basic toiletries, antibacterial soap, and sanitary products.

Millions of women and children are suffering in the aftermath of the floods in Pakistan, and they have nobody to help them. They are scared for their lives and are in a race against time.

Orphans in Need are in Pakistan right now doing everything we can, providing shelter, food, hygiene kits and support - but we can’t help them without you. Please, donate generously and save lives. Be the lifeline women and children are desperately searching for today. Thank you.