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Widow & Orphan Food Parcel

No mother wants to see her children go hungry. Our food parcel donations ensure widows and orphans worldwide can receive support when they have nowhere else to turn.

The food parcels provided by Orphans in Need are a valuable lifeline when families suffer the trauma of losing the home’s main breadwinner to disease, accident or, sadly, murder.

With no resources, money or support, widows become desperate and lost with no ability to feed their family and themselves.

£30 a month – approximately a third of the average developed country’s weekly shopping bill – can make a huge difference to families in need, providing a food parcel donation that allows us to feed a needy family of five for a whole month.

Our dedicated and compassionate teams are working to provide nutritious food parcels to help the widows and orphans that have been affected by poverty across 14 countries throughout Asia and Africa. Many families rely on the generosity of charities that provide help for widows and orphans to feed their children each month and we hope to reach as many people in need as we can.

In 2019, your food parcel donations to our widows and orphans charity enabled our teams to provide over 8.5 million meals to families in need and together with your assistance, our aim is to provide even more support this year.

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, every food parcel we provide to families contains necessary hygiene kits to keep our beneficiaries and their children safe. 

Yusupha’s Story

Meet Yusupha, she is a widow and a mother to four children and they live together in Serrekunda in The Gambia. Since her husband sadly passed away from a stroke in 2015, she has been struggling to feed her family the nutrition they need. When Yusupha received her food parcel from Orphans in Need, she told us that it gave her peace of mind and eased the pressures she was feeling. Describing the gesture as ‘heart-warming’, Yusupha and her family were grateful for the variety of foods included in our parcels and prayed for those who made these food parcels possible through their donations.

Read Yusupha's Story

How are the food parcels distributed?

By donating a Monthly Food Parcel you can ease the burden felt by impoverished widows around the world.

Feed a widow and her orphaned children for an entire month with a one-off £30 food parcel donation. Your donation allows us to maintain distribution centres in needy areas to provide ongoing support to widows and orphans living in poverty through regular monthly food parcels.

Widows attend one of our distributions

Widow receives a monthly food parcel

Widow and her family enjoy their meal

What does the Food Parcel contain?

Food parcels are packed with a variety of ingredients and staple food items, often including;

Rice Flour Oil Lentils
Pulses Spices Tea Sugar
Vegetables Dates Soap Sanitation Products

Our teams ensure that all produce is locally sourced, supporting local farmers and helping economies in the region to prosper. They also ensure that all food parcels have a focus on nutritional benefit and long-life ingredients to provide the greatest benefit to widows and their growing children.

Provide a future for a family in need

To make it easier for you to donate we provide the option for one-off £30 donations or monthly recurring £30 donations that allow us to better plan for providing future support. Donors can also provide a one-off donation of £360 (less than a £1 a day) that will ensure a family in need is given food parcel support for an entire year (12 months).