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Widow & Orphan Food Parcel

Every mother wishes to feed her children. Our food parcel means that they can.

A food parcel is a valuable lifeline when a family loses the breadwinner of the house to an accident, disease or even murder.

How else would a widow feed herself and her family when she has no money and no resources?

For just £30, that’s around a third of your average weekly shopping bill, we can feed a family of five for an entire month

Orphans in Need provides food parcels to help widows and orphans affected by poverty. Many widows in the fourteen countries we work in across throughout Asia and Africa, rely on your generosity to feed their families month by month.

In 2019 your donations meant we were able to provide over 8.5 million meals to needy widows and orphans, with your help we aim to provide even more this year.

During the Coronavirus pandemic we are giving hygiene kits with every food parcel to keep our beneficiaries safe.

Yusupha’s Story

Yusupha is a widow and the mother of 4 children, from Serrekunda in The Gambia. Her husband passed away in 2015 from a stroke, and has struggled to feed her family since. Receiving a food parcel from Orphans in Need, Yusupha told us that it has given her peace of mind and reduced a lot of pressure on her. She descried the gesture as ‘heart-warming’ and appreciated the variety of foods that we provided, praying for those who donated towards the food.

Read Yusupha's Story

How are the food parcels distributed?

Our Monthly Food Parcel eases the burden on impoverished widows around the world.

A £30 donation provides a food parcel for a widow and her orphaned children to feed them for an entire month.

Widows attend one of our distributions

Widow receives a monthly food parcel

Widow and her family enjoy their meal

What does the Food Parcel contain?

Each food parcel generally contains rice, flour, oil, lentils, pulses, spices, tea, sugar, vegetables, dates, soap and sanitation products. In addition, we make sure that all the produce is sourced locally with a focus on nutritional benefit and longevity. Not only will you be helping vulnerable widows and orphans, but your support will help local economies prosper.

Provide a future for a family in need

A regular monthly donation of £30 allows us to plan for the future, so we can deliver more food parcels to those who need it throughout the whole year. You can also make a one-off donation of £360 (thats less than £1 a day) to ensure a family has enough food for the whole year.