• 24 May

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Gaza 2012 Aid Distribution Update

Thank you from Gaza

Following the ruthless bombing of Gaza in November 2012 during which at least 161 Palestinians were killed and several hundred injured, Orphans in Need responded with your support by providing essential food and clothing packs to 365 poor widows, orphans and homeless families.

This relief came at a time when lives were lost and homes were destroyed. Our team on the ground identified the most needy communities and ensured that the aid was delivered to them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our beneficiaries have expressed their sincere gratitude to you, our supporters, for your extreme generosity and selflessness.

Remember, it is only through your continued support that Orphans in Need is able to deliver relief to the most vulnerable orphans and widows.

In numbers

180 packages with basic food essentials were distributed to 180 poor and homeless families. Each food package consisted of 20kg rice, 5kg bread, 4kg sugar, 3l sesame oil,4 meat cans, 6 beans cans, 2 sauce cans, 0.5kg tea, 1L olive oil, 1kg cheese, 4kg cooked chicken and 1.5kg dates.

185 clothing packages were distributed to 185 orphans and homeless families to assist them following the loss of their homes and furniture during the war. Each clothing package also included two layer blankets, a mattress and pillow.