• 23 June

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More than 12.5 million people call Jammu and Kashmir home, and whilst they’re blessed to live in what is one of the most stunning areas in the world, they are unable to enjoy the scenic splendour of the region.

This is because of several problems, including human rights issues, widespread displacement, and lack of basic infrastructure for a decent quality of life.

Orphans in Need works across Jammu and Kashmir to provide support and assistance to vulnerable people affected by the ongoing crises in the region, but with so many widespread issues, we are urging you to donate to our Jammu and Kashmir appeal so we can be there for those who need us most.

Environmental Risks in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is located next to the Himalayas. It straddles the Eurasian and Indian plates which are very tectonically active. When the two plates collide, they cause earthquakes, and depending on the severity of the impact, damage is inevitable.

Construction isn’t tightly monitored in Jammu and Kashmir, with many people living in makeshift shelters due to widespread poverty. When an earthquake hits, the shelters collapse, often trapping and killing those stuck inside. The worst disaster happened in 2005 when over 1,500 people died as a result of an earthquake. There hasn’t been one as destructive since, but there have been frequent tremors and shocks, causing ongoing damage and loss of life.

It’s not just homes that are affected by the quakes. Public infrastructure like hospitals and schools, as well as businesses and workplaces, are all impacted. The movement of the plates is often unpredictable, meaning there’s every chance access to a healthcare facility or school could be restricted over the course of just one day.

With schools destroyed, many children grow up with a lack of access to education, meaning their future prospects are severely limited.

On top of this, many people lose their livelihoods due to the earthquakes, meaning their income is gone, pushing them into poverty and malnutrition caused by food insecurity. What’s more, it’s particularly hard for those in rural areas to access medical care, meaning many more people die as a result of poor infrastructure.

We are here for those people, ensuring shelter is adequate and safe, healthcare and education is accessible, and that no one has to feel the pain of hunger due to inescapable poverty, but we can't distribute aid without your help.

Jammu and Kashmir Orphans

As a result of the many crises in Jammu and Kashmir, thousands of children have been left orphaned, with estimates stating as many as 215,000 children have lost one or both of their parents. Only 15% live in orphanages, with the rest residing with other family members or on the streets.

As a Jammu and Kashmir charity, we focus a lot of our efforts on helping vulnerable children and orphans to live a normal life in a loving and supportive environment. We provide resources to struggling orphanages and direct help via sponsorships to help give children the clothes, food, and healthcare they need.

Aid in Jammu and Kashmir

From those affected by lack of access to schools, healthcare facilities, stable work, and plentiful food, many people, especially those in rural areas, cannot access what they need. We are here for those people, distributing basic necessities to those unable to obtain them.

Donate to Our Jammu and Kashmir Charity Appeal

We want to make sure the next generation of Kashmiri people do not have to suffer like those before them, and that’s why we’re asking for your help. Please donate to our appeals so we can be there for those who need us, giving life-saving aid and provisions. Alternatively, sponsor an orphan in Jammu and Kashmir and ensure they receive the nurturing every child needs.