• 23 June

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Corporate Fundraising

The world has moved on but there is still synergy between global industrial powerhouses and the plight of the impoverished

Corporate responsibility is to give something back for humanitarian purposes remains the hallmark of enlightened companies; a policy that sets them apart from accusations of greed and indifference.

Orphans in Need has an international remit to eradicate the hopelessness of orphans and widows whose lives have little prospect of improvement. In abject conditions brought about through poverty, war, disease and exploitation their only positive future is through the efforts of individuals and organisations that are prepared to make a difference.

Why Orphans in Need?
  • Because we are a highly respected, dynamic and innovative charity delivering hope and opportunities in fourteen countries.
  • With a clear focus on making every penny count our success is measured in our futures market.
  • The future of orphans who have attained personal, social and employable skills benefits both the individual and the economic world they will inherit.
Why become our partner?

Because a partnership offers mutual benefits. Your corporate and employee collaboration through marketing, fundraising and sponsorship initiatives provides our orphans and widows with sustainable potential for their development. Sponsoring individual orphans, facilitating the building of Orphans’ Villages, providing food parcels and engaging with other projects literally saves and protects thousands of lives. Our partnership motivates your employees, it can offer an ethical dimension to policies and strategies and, through Cause Related Marketing, provides customers with opportunities to align favourably with your brands. Partnership binds employer and employee to a single charitable objective. We help each other to help others.

Marketing and promotional materials, regular updates explaining how your involvement is reaping rewards, the opportunity to visit some of our projects, extensive PR and full media coverage via local and national TV, radio, newsprint, magazines and our Facebook and Twitter social communities. All are underpinned by the bespoke agreement we will develop with you.

How do we make it happen?

Orphans in Need has a dedicated corporate fundraising team with the knowledge, skills and expertise to formulate and deliver an effective plan. Together we will create a bespoke partnership scheme that has synergy with your corporate values and philanthropic commitment that works effectively within your business at strategic and operational levels.

Here we identify tried and trusted initiatives that could form the basis of our discussions: Ideas that can form the basis of your Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

1. Unrestricted Gifts/Choose a Project

Choosing to provide an unrestricted gift means that we are able to use your funds where they are needed most. This could be to provide emergency care to an orphan or to help towards the costs of food parcels, or any other area of our work. Choosing a specific project means that you can contribute to a particular scheme of your choice, ranging from building a room in one of our Orphan Homes or providing for a large scale food distribution.

2. Make us your Charity of the Year

Making us your Charity of the Year gives your organisation a focus for fundraising activities. Customer-facing departments can raise funds through products sold in store or collection tins at tills. Employees or whole departments can use recycling schemes, events, bucket collections or organise events and challenges. Our expert fundraising team can help you to create detailed fundraising plans for these and other ideas. Why not create your own in-house Community OIN Team(s) to really engage your staff. Pop our visual banner on your website and show your customers how you are making a tangible impact to re-build despairing lives.

3. Employee Engagement

Providing common social as well as business goals is a great way to enhance team bonding and motivation. Introduce Orphans in Need as part of your staff induction programme, use what we do as part of team building programmes, encourage inter-department challenges to raise the most funds or introduce the OIN Employee Fundraiser of the Month / Year Award. Your staff are undoubtedly your greatest asset; we’d like to make them ours as well.

Payroll Giving Schemes give us the confidence to invest funds in sustainable projects, knowing that long-term commitments provide life-changing results. Employee donations come direct from payroll using a straightforward process to set up. Talk to our Corporate Fundraising Team at 0207 100 88 66 and ask your payroll department to visit Give As You Earn (GAYE) at the Charities Aid Foundation website

National and International events and challenges are part of our fundraising portfolio which generate regional and national media coverage for us and our partners. Encouraging employees to participate provides opportunities to raise your corporate social responsibility profile whilst playing a key role in developing our partner relationship. Consider sponsoring a high profile event and associate your brand with one of the world’s most reputable and hard-working charities.

There’s even a not-for-profit social enterprise called that will collect unwanted, scrap cars without charge. It’s a clever, innovative scheme that turns the unwanted into hope; something that’s definitely wanted!

Key criteria for selecting your employees probably includes personal characteristics such as innovation, motivation and creativity. Thousands of our fundraising volunteers display those talents in abundance so by introducing and encouraging your staff to support us in their leisure time strengthens the desire to help change the lives of thousands of individuals. Use work-based displays and payslip inserts, encouraging staff to visit our website maintains that corporate social responsibility ethic even further.

4. Match Funding

If your company were to match the funds raised by your employees wouldn’t that be a great motivator for them? What a great way for us to promote your company in our media publicity; what an opportunity for our celebrity Global Brand Ambassador to visit and applaud your support.

5. Gifts in Kind

It’s not just funds we rely on to deliver our support services efficiently. Donations of goods, services and expertise are also key components that contribute to our work and we are constantly amazed at the generosity of our partners.

Goods such as auction prizes, computers, medicines, office equipment, discount vouchers; anything you’re able to offer us goes directly to helping orphans and widows throughout the world.

Services that we value can include event venues, meeting spaces, photocopying and mail services and staff training. Not only does it help us; it helps your staff appreciate the charity they’re supporting.

Expertise is worth its weight in gold and if you’re able to help with essentials such as legal, tax, marketing, IT or strategic planning issues then you’re contributing substantially to our effectiveness

Get in touch

Becoming an OIN Partner makes sound business and ethical sense. Our orphans and widows have a support infrastructure that is valued, dependable and sustainable. Orphans in Need has the backing of some of the best organisations around and your company becomes an inclusive member of a partnership that enhances your profile and offers that most precious of gifts – life with a positive future.

We look forward to discussing an exciting partnership full of possibilities. For further details contact our Head of Major Gifts:

Ikhlaq Hussain at [email protected], or call on 0207 100 8866.