• 24 May

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What We Do

We are a charity supporting widows and orphans with a focus on sustainability, our programmes give support to the neediest around the world.

Orphans in Need believe that every child, everywhere, has the right to a happy and healthy life. This means we work hard to find solutions that are sustainable.

By providing housing

We’ve built an Orphans’ Village for the orphans and widows in Delhi without a home. Each home houses a widow and 12 orphans and, to date, we have provided a supportive caring home for almost 300 orphans and over 40 widows.

By providing healthcare

We cover the cost of medicine and treatment for every orphan that comes into our care. We are funding ongoing access to medical treatment and healthcare for communities and orphan children in need, including counselling services.

By providing education

We help build self-confidence to maximise potential and ensure our orphans develop the life skills to take with them into adulthood. We aim to provide first-class education that encourages our orphans to become quality contributors to their community.

By providing a stable lifestyle

We offer a consistent and reliable support system from our team of highly-trained orphanage volunteers and widows who help to maintain the homes our orphans live in. Providing ongoing support and a caring environment helps our orphans build their confidence and self-esteem.

By providing nutrition

We help children develop physically, mentally, emotionally by providing nutritious and fresh food and teaching them the necessary life skills to prepare healthy meals in the future. Health and nutrition are a key focus in our campaigns and the Orphan’s Village.

By providing clothing

We regularly give out clean clothing for growing bodies and seasonal clothing including hats, gloves and blankets to communities to ensure those in need can stay warm and healthy over the winter.

By sponsoring an orphan with Orphans in Need today, you help us bring a brighter future to thousands of children in need across the world. Your contributions enable us to provide the resources and support above to the most vulnerable of our society – the orphan children often left behind.Orphan sponsorship starts from £30 a month – that’s only £1 a day – providing food, clothing, education and medical care to children in need. By sponsoring a child, donating a Widow and Orphan Food Parcel or donating to support the Orphan’s Village, not only do you fulfil Sadaqah but you bring all-important hope to these communities in need across the world.