• 15 July

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Supporting Gaza's Orphans & Widows: Orphans in Need Initiative

Families have been forced to leave their homes, their lives shattered by the devastating effects of the conflict. The constant bombings have resulted in thousands of deaths and countless injuries. Buildings have been completely destroyed, leaving those who have survived in urgent need of assistance.

A summary of our work in Gaza from 1st to 26th June 2024

There are more than 33,000 orphans living in Palestine, where Orphans in Need currently supports over 5,000 orphans and widow families. The situation in Gaza has made life hard for these children. Many more children have become orphans having lost one or both of their parents in the last few months.

We operate an orphan sponsorship scheme in Gaza which seeks to support the children we protect and care for. We have several orphaned children in Gaza who are eagerly waiting to be sponsored.

Donate today to Sponsor an Orphan in Gaza.


Rescue an orphaned child in Gaza


Donate £360 yearly to sponsor an orphan in Gaza



Orphans in Palestine

There are more than 33,000 orphans living in Palestine who desperately need support.


Widows & Orphans

Orphans in Need currently supports over 5,000 orphans and widow families.

Orphans in Need is on the ground

As conditions worsen during this latest increase in hostilities, Orphans in Need remains determined to assist Palestinian widowed families. Working closely with our local partners, we are distributing essential items to affected families.

Since October 2023, we've been tirelessly providing aid, food parcels, winter clothing, daily hot meals, fresh drinking water, sponsoring thousands of children, organising Eid celebrations, educational activities, and spreading joy through distributing toys and gifts to the children.

For over a decade, we have been a source of hope and support for the communities in Palestine, standing strong in the face of occupation, blockade, and conflict. As Palestinian families endure new hardships in Gaza, we urge our supporters to join us in providing essential aid to our orphans and widows in need.

With your support, Orphans in Need will continue to be a crucial source of help for Palestinian families. Please donate generously to our Gaza Appeal today.


can provide a food parcel to one family.


provide hot meals and water to 50 orphans or widows.

Watch our orphaned children celebrating Eid al-Adha in Northern Gaza

Image: Hot meals being distributed in Gaza to orphans and widows - June 2024

Image: Drinking water distributions in Gaza - May 2024

Image: Distributing Qurbani meat to orphans on Eid ul-Adha - June 2024

How are we delivering in Gaza?

Orphans in Need has been working with organisations in Palestine for over a decade now. Despite the challenges and difficulties, our dedicated team based in Gaza is doing their utmost to oversee the response. Our team has experienced personal loss, but is still committed to helping orphaned and widowed families.

Thanks to your unwavering support, we have already distributed thousands of food parcels and delivered daily meals and bottled water. With your help, we continue to do so.

“The good news is that we are still distributing food aid as we are utilising existing stocks of food items on a pre-approved credit basis.”, says Mohamed Maigag, Director of Programmes at Orphans in Need.

With your help, we can continue working to make a difference in Palestine. Please give generously to our Gaza Appeal now.

See our Impact in Gaza

Orphans in Need have been working in Palestine for over a decade providing food, education, shelter and medical support.

Gaza Orphan Appeal

Support our Gaza Appeal to provide support to families affected by the ongoing conflict.

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