• 15 July

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Winter distribution in Jammu & Kashmir

Upwards of 12.5 million people consider the stunning location of Jammu and Kashmir home; however, their difficult living conditions often mean they’re unable to enjoy the region’s beauty.

From seriously lacking basic infrastructure to widespread displacement, a decent quality of life is something that the residents of Jammu and Kashmir could only dream about.

Consequently, Orphans in Need works across Jammu and Kashmir, providing assistance and support to individuals being affected by the ongoing crises. The effects of the said crises are only worsened by the bitter conditions of winter, which is why we adopted such a hands-on approach this year. Your kind donations have enabled us to deliver essential supplies throughout the region and provide hope to those living in serious hardship. Read on to discover more about our winter distribution programme in Jammu and Kashmir.

Winter Relief Kits

Firstly, we ensured that our project participants received Winter Relief Kits containing insulated coats, gloves, scarves, hats, and blankets. In developed countries, we often consider each of these items essential; however, the deprived conditions in Jammu and Kashmir deem them luxuries. For this reason, we wanted to ensure that we could provide warmth provisions to as many people as possible, and your kind donations enabled us to do so. Orphans, widows, and other vulnerable individuals lined up to receive their Winter Relief Packs, and now we can rest assured that so many more people will survive the coming winter.

Food Parcels

Food is essential all year round; however, it’s much more vital in the winter months. This is because illnesses such as colds, cases of flu, coronavirus, and pneumonia are rifer in winter, and our bodies require strength more than ever. From our food parcels, the people of Jammu and Kashmir will be able to receive nourishment and hydration, meaning their bodies will be more capable of fighting off winter illnesses. In the absence of this nutrition, something as minor as a cold could be deathly, especially when considering the difficult living conditions that are widespread throughout the region.

Fire Supplies

Keeping warm is essential to fighting off deadly illnesses such as hypothermia and frostbite. As a result, we also provided the people of Jammu and Kashmir with supplies to build fires and reduce the threat of the cold. It’s widely believed that Asian regions such as Jammu and Kashmir don’t fall victim to cold temperatures and remain all year round; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In Jammu and Kashmir, temperatures can drop to as little as -2°C and blankets of snow can coat the ground. Consequently, it’s not unusual for those in the most impoverished conditions to quite literally freeze to death.

Support for Children

Children in Jammu and Kashmir are some of the most vulnerable members of society, falling victim to violence and abduction. Similarly, educational opportunities are limited, meaning most children aren’t provided with a safe environment during the day, and they’re unable to break out of the cycle of poverty. What’s more, they often suffer from malnourishment due to the lack of food available to them. As a result, our team worked closely with the children of Jammu and Kashmir in order to provide them with the essentials they’ve been lacking, as well as opportunities for development.

Support for Widows

As with children, widows are extremely susceptible to the dangers of the world in Jammu and Kashmir. This is because they often lose all sense of security upon the loss of their husbands, as women typically aren’t entitled to property rights and aren’t given the means to find employment. Therefore, we also worked alongside widows, providing them with the resources to care for their children, as well as the support to seek a means of earning. Moreover, we also offered emotional support and assured these women they were not alone in their journey, and we’re dedicated to helping them every step of the way.

A Hands-On Team

During winter, our team were on the ground in Jammu and Kashmir, delivering resources personally to those who needed them most. Sheikh Anis Musa, the founder of Orphans in Need, spent his days packing the food parcels for the hungry people of Jammu and Kashmir and took great joy in meeting the children in person. Seeing the impact that our work has on these people is the reason behind what we do, and we use your donations to help as much as we can in a personal capacity. Therefore, you can rest assured that your contributions are being put to good use to empower impoverished individuals across the globe.

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